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Feb 20, 2011

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Livonia, MI

Who do you support for Governor in Michigan in 2010?

Really, really? The Good Old Boy network has been associated with the Republicans since before you were born. Any Congressman or Senator that does nothing, i.e., see Republican, or party of no, should be impeached. In fact ALL of them should go. Term limits and no retirement for life after 1 term. Both parties are the same. WE need a third or a fourth or a fifth! Without more parties no one candidate can fit all. If one can get through all the crap, very, very difficult to do but one must study the issues and find a fit. I make less than $200K, have been out of work for most of the last 5 years, can't afford to retire but can't get hired. I get to read and see the candidates and research what they and others say. I don't promote abortion but deem it necessary if the Mothers' life is in danger or she was made pregnant by incest or rape. I think birth control should be practiced by everyone as the planet has enough people already. I believe the Politicians should work for the people and not the Lobbyists. I pride myself in the knowledge I possess and continually add to same on a daily basis.Right now in this place in time, it would be insane to elect a Republican (Romney)and go back to the policies that brought us to this point. When things are finally going in the right direction, as slow as it is, why would anyone want to change course?Convince me. My nephew, a devout Republican, who I have had many heated debates with admitted after seeing the debates and the GOP candidates that he was voting for Obama again. He is intelligent and he looked at the issues and the stances, and 10 or 15 minutes of research won't do it, but after uncovering many untruths being put forth by GOP candidates he has decided to vote for Obama. If Obama leaves then hope is gone. Go back in this same thread and someone listed in 4 or 5 consecutive pages what Obama has been able to do. Do yourself a favor and find those pages and actually read them. Do the research if you must but they are all true and if you read them and don't think Obama is our best chance for President, I will read your reasons and analyze same. But if you read those pages and compare to what other Presidents have done (and consider the opposition!)you may change your mind. But wait, I am also a predictor of the future. I predict you will not even attempt to look for those pages in this same post. I also predict you will not change your mind because your choice has nothing to do with being right or being for what is right, it is only for the Right, not the Left.  (Feb 9, 2012 | post #10176)

Livonia, MI

Who do you support for Governor in Michigan in 2010?

What is someone from Chicago doing on the who did you vote for Gov. of MICHIGAN anyway? And never with their own opinion? Must you do posts from Fox nation, oh, they are such a reliable resource. I heard they got their retractions down to under 50 a day just last month. Stop with the one-sided posts that aren't even yours!!! Think and give your own opinion rather than getting it from a single source that no one believes anyway. Wait, I guess if Michigan had jailed 3 out of the last 4 Govs I might be on another states blog too.  (Jan 26, 2012 | post #10055)

Livonia, MI

Do you approve of Robert Ficano as County Executive Officer?

What is it that happens to candidates after they get in office? I liked the image of Ficano before he was elected but it looks like the power went to his head and he'll be gone. I think all incumbents should go and the next time all with time in should also go. Then set term limits and begin to stop the abuse by eliminating career and improper candidates. Serving as a Representative should be an honor as outlined in our Constitution, not a position to push an agenda inconsistent with the peoples desire.  (Oct 24, 2011 | post #1)

Livonia, MI

Do you approve of Jack Kirksey as Mayor?

80 something? I fully support limiting terms for politicians and certainly a mandatory retirement age around 70 or less. Enjoy the retirement already and get some fresher views. Making decisions that causes the ACLU to sue the city is not the way for our City. Stop putting our officers at risk by making them eliminate citizen rights. Kirksey says a DEA agent told him crime goes up when dispensaries are around yet a RAND report says the opposite. I never believe a single source/individual for facts and obviously this DEA agent misinformed the Mayor and he has yet to amend the erroneous knowledge with facts.  (Oct 24, 2011 | post #1)

Livonia, MI

O'Neil wants closer study of flooding, speeding tickets

Did anyone notice that at 67 (and already retired) that Mr. O'Neil is 15 years younger than the incumbent. That means Mr. Kirksey is 82. I think it is more than time for the Mayor to try to enjoy that retirement. Mr. Kirksey did state that he based his opinion and actions on trying to keep dispensaries out of Livonia because a DEA agent told him that the crime goes up where dispensaries are located. That DEA agent was misinformed. In fact, in California the crime has gone down near all the dispensaries and they have hundreds. Then there is the recently released Rand report (available from the ASA, on request) that very clearly states that the crime rate goes down. These actions/opinions by Mayor Kirksey has brought a law suit by the ACLU against the city. Wasting more of our tax dollars on erroneous information. Or was it? Livonia has a new courthouse, the city employees get benefits for life in 2 years, I think. Maybe some of the perks to the employees should be looked at. And just maybe that DEA agent said that the city might lose some of that money from arresting all the pot smokers if the city got soft and allowed the will of the people to be done. For clarification, the ACLU does not sue for money in its lawsuit BUT it does set a precedent for any case after the issue is settled. The Michigan Supreme Court has the final say, not the appeals court and it will be in front of them soon. I also do agree that whatever friction exists between the Mayors office and the city council needs to be put to rest immediately. And an independent study of that flooding doesn't sound so unreasonable.  (Oct 12, 2011 | post #7)

Livonia, MI

O'Neil wants closer study of flooding, speeding tickets

Have you people been driving out there? I see 2 to 3 incidents every day just in Livonia. I don't drive that much but could easily write many tickets in a given week. Improper turns: you only own the inside lane when turning, more than 50% take both lanes when turning. Try to make a left when someone is making a right in the opposite direction. The right turn driver will honk and get mad because he thinks he own both lanes. So what happens if they stop writing tickets, it gets worse? I'll do my part and observe the law and so far I haven't gotten any of those tickets. Maybe because I obey the law(s).  (Oct 12, 2011 | post #6)

Livonia, MI

Iowa GOP Debate - Livonia, MI

I agree, the best candidate for 2012 is Ron Paul. He won't make it to the ballot without a real strong surge and a lot of luck. He was second in Iowa and won in New Hampshire but the national media has the top 3 as Romney, Bachman and Perry. Ron is running as a GOP candidate and the GOP doesn't want him because he is for a flat tax. The GOP has to protect its Large Corporations and the rich non-taxpayers. The flat tax is one of the best solutions to generate money as less that 3% of people making over $200,000 pay any taxes. Watch them push Perry over both Romney (Mormon=GOP no like) and Bachman is doing a fine job cutting her own throat. Not to mention the answer to the question "what does your husband do for a living?" Is, "He medically cures Gays'" Wishing Elvis "Happy Birthday" on the anniversary of his death didn't bode well as did saying she admired John Wayne referring to a town in Iowa when the John Wayne that was from that town was the serial killer John Wayne Gacy.  (Aug 29, 2011 | post #10)

Livonia, MI

Review: Excellent Driving School

I saw a 'Top Driver' car out with its instructor and they were the first car at the left hand turn lane, when the light turned green,the car did not move....the car is supposed to get out into the intersection the car behind right behind and the third car with its wheels over the crosswalk. By the way, this is old school and based on the old no arrow for left. But this is wrong and lately, I mean in the last 10 years or so, more and more people make too wide a turn, that is, taking both lanes on a 5 lane road to make their turn. Let the car companies take back the drivers training in our schools and maybe we can get more of those kids to graduate.  (Aug 5, 2011 | post #4)

Livonia, MI

Armadebton - Livonia, MI

Still blaming them for economy and then they play with fire by holding out so long possibly causing a lowering of our credit status. When will the people making less than $100K vote on setting term limits and putting our politicians on Social Security and Medicare and on a non Govt funded retirement. 20 years minimum before retirement.  (Aug 3, 2011 | post #1)

Livonia, MI

Judge Says Cities Can Ban Medical Marijuana Growing

What rights will be taken away next? Does this ever stop?I could understand this if it was alcohol or heroin or crack but really, marijuana? Are all the politicians in Livonia aware that marijuana is the 22nd most dangerous drug right behind aspirin? Or are they sponsored by big drug companies? Tax and regulate the product at dispensaries. By all means arrest the illegal growers, which I believe is the fear in Livonia of losing its drug money (see new courthouse). The illegal trade will continue to be out there but please allow those who care for people that are suffering from any number of maladies,, be it cancer and the recovery from chemo or severe arthritis, IBS or whatever, to continue to provide compassionate care for these individuals. I lost a Mother-in-law and Brother-in-law to cancer and was involved in bringing both to chemo treatments as well as the radiation treatments. Sixty-five mile one way trip to Nashville for the Mother-in-law, 5 days a week. Not to be cruel, but those opposed to medical marijuana should see what the patient is like on the 6th or 7th day of chemo treatments along with that radiation. If that was your loved one you would want the best for that person and certainly you want to minimize that suffering. The staff at the hospital tells the patient to rest and gain strength, which means eat, BUT after several days of chemo one cannot eat. The drug companies came up with Marinol to stimulate appetite...and it works at an amazing 11% success rate. Medical marijuana would work closer to 100% and it is 100% natural with no side effects. Is that why the drug companies are against it? Has anyone noticed all the grow shops around? Do you realize that there are people working there? That means jobs. If you move the Medical Marijuana Industry forward the State can see revenues from the sales and many people could be working. The "criminal element" just might be the people that are against the forward progress of this industry. In California the crime surrounding marijuana went down allowing the police to get real criminals rather than creating them like some of our police entities are doing. California is the largest medical marijuana enterprise anywhere and crime went down. Why is our Attorney General (Bill Schutte) saying that crime goes up? Where is he getting his facts? I read where the number of meth labs in Michigan is going up and no one is stopping them. They have a potential to kill many with the impeding explosion due to the presence of highly flammable chemicals. We need to tell our top cop what the priorities should be or get a new top cop. I guess the same goes for the City Council of Livonia. I'll be casting my vote at every election I can.  (Aug 2, 2011 | post #1)

Livonia, MI

Who do you support for Governor in Michigan in 2010?

Found some interesting facts regarding the debt ceiling and its history. It was raised 7 times during the G.W. Bush years. So how many of the conservatives are touting the BALANCED budget? And of those what percentage voted for the raise in the debt ceiling, probably close to 100%. OR how many voted for the G.W Bush budget year after year, 8 times it was presented as a negative (spending more than taking in) and 7 times it was approved, the 8th one was turned down by the House when the Dems controlled for 2 years. Ceiling was raised 18 times during the Reagen Admin. Again , when corporations are losing money they lay people off. Time to start purging our Representatives and judging by the number of recall votes taking place across our State and Country many agree. Time to look at the compensation packages that our Representatives get. I don't want anyone deciding my healthcare options unless they have the SAME options. Why should they decide on Social Security when they (at this point) will never need it? They get retirement immediately? Should set a standard of 25 years of service (with a clean record) and then we need to limit terms. And what about mandatory retirement? At seventy your working years should be over. Most that stay are possibly on the take and can't say good-bye to all that easy money. We could also take a step in the right financial direction by going to a flat tax. No tax credits till after you pay based on the amount of money you earn (think corporations that pay no tax, oil companies for example). There was a statistic that said of the people making over $250,000 a year only about 3% pay any tax a all. Warren Buffet said he thought it was wrong that he files taxes and uses the laws and pays less tax than his Secretary who makes around $46,000*. And all the charities are hurting and that is because the middle class is being hit extremely hard by the job losses and cannot give as much as usual. Basically the true Patriots of our Country is the middle-class. When they are gainfully employed and life is good, they feel it is their duty to donate to charity and humanitarian causes. The rich only donate when it improves the bottom line or MUST be done to hide some other windfall. The politicians are counting on us to have short-term memories, at least the GOP is right now. They hope you don't remember the 8 straight negative budgets that Bush proposed and they approved 7 times. If you remember then you see right through the BALANCED budget talks they are spewing, like from Thaddeaus McCotter (who just announced for President) is demanding a BALANCED budget, hhmmmm, wonder how he voted on the Bush budgets, I'll call his office later and see if anyone will answer that question or email him. You all should, too.  (Jul 21, 2011 | post #7413)

Livonia, MI

Who do you support for Governor in Michigan in 2010?

Got way off post here again. I don't remember Obama running for Michigan Governor. I think Lewis Black said it best when he said if you are either a devout Republican or Democrat, then you are not paying attention. I can't speak for anyone but myself but I think we should purge some of our Politicians just like the Corporations do when losing money. Put our Representatives on Social Security, make them fund their own 401K. Make them get healthcare like we do and let's not get them retirement until they have served 25 years and let us limit those terms and set conditions regarding Lobbyists. Legalize hemp and employ our farmers. Right now Canada grows it and sells 66% of the crop to the United States! Legalize marijuana and prostitution, unless you really believe we have a handle on these items. Tax and regulate, eliminate the drug dealers (of marijuana) and the pimps. We cannot stop it so clean it up and produce some revenue and jobs. Research each of the medical marijuana states and you will find jobs being created due to grow shops for equipment, dispensaries and numerous associated products. Look at Montana and how the skilled trade jobs dried up but got some jobs back building the dispensaries and assisting on production operations. Let the people prosper with the industry and keep the drug companies out. Isn't it more intelligent to put many people to work rather than let Big Pharma take the profit? Do the research, marijuana is number 22 in the list of most dangerous drugs...right behind aspirin! Why would anyone fight so hard against the 22nd most dangerous drug unless someone was paying them to do so because of the position they hold and the money they stand to make if the laws are enforced in "just the right way." I read where the number of meth labs were increasing dramatically in Michigan but no entity or office or agency will go in to clean them up. These are HIGHLY dangerous locations with a real possibility of explosions because of the chemicals involved. Why isn't our Attorney General out on the trail of these death traps that can kill or maim citizens living in close proximity? Maybe because the drug companies aren't paying anything to eliminate meth labs. Hey, at least I posted something relevant to our State.  (Jul 18, 2011 | post #7250)

Garden City, MI

Marijuana - Garden City, MI

Grown since the '60s? 60 A.D. is closer to reality. Chinese have used the herb for centuries. Our Forefathers (first settlers, think Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower,etc) made it mandatory that if you grow anything it will include the Indian hemp oil seed. They even passed a law to that effect. Check and research facts: Marijuana is the 22nd most dangerous drug, right behind aspirin! It is NOT the gateway drug...more propaganda to make one lose the truth. Gateway drug, hhmmm, has to be either cigarettes or beer. Most people I know tried one of those BEFORE trying marijuana. If Michigan were to legalize before the rest of the country, many, MANY people would be saying "YES" to Michigan.  (Jun 23, 2011 | post #24)

Livonia, MI

Who do you support for Governor in Michigan in 2010?

Trump is a roving Carnival. He's got the red clown hair! Wow, he continues to beat a dead horse. If Dano and Garrett both testified they were at the birth, some whacko would launch a investigation as to their birth place. The only place Trump has won is in your head. FYI: Dano and Garrett were the lead characters on Hawaii Five-O.  (Apr 27, 2011 | post #6134)

Livonia, MI

Anybody has any good or bad experiences regarding Banfiel...

Looking for info regarding experiences at Banfield Pet Hospital at the Northville PetSmart good or bad.  (Apr 19, 2011 | post #1)

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