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Nov 25, 2007

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WLTX Columbia

Merry Christmas from

Merry Christmas to all. We have been given the only gift we can truely take with us after we die.  (Dec 25, 2007 | post #16)

WLTX Columbia

Woman Mistakenly Diagnosed with AIDS Gets $2.5 Million

i am wondering how come she doesnt have it if her boyfriend tests positive??? That is not impossible but improbable in most cases. But the second doctor should have tested also...and if were me I would have went to another one if he didnt to be sure. But again, she got rich by not getting a good second opinion here.  (Dec 16, 2007 | post #8)

WLTX Columbia

Dog Breeder Defends Animal Horror House Claims

some were put to sleep due to their condition...sad. But no one was told how many survived but we know the shelter is closed and no info released until the hearing on Jan one can adopt the remaining dogs until the hearing is completed.  (Dec 15, 2007 | post #95)

WLTX Columbia

Lexington Neighbors Discover Animal House of Horror

JAN 7TH will be the court date to see what happens with her and the animals that survived. No other info will be released until then and the shelter is closed until then. She has fled her home since she was released..well she hasnt been there...dont know if she will come back for the hearing or not, will have to wait and see.  (Dec 15, 2007 | post #221)

WLTX Columbia

Woman Charged with 41 Counts of Ill-Treatment of Animals

Have you atually been there? What in your opinion makes it bad?....old bldg or something? It is in Winnsboro which is all old bldgs. It is not the outward appearance that makes something good or that makes people good either. This is supposed to be a forum on the story not a bashing board..that is something kids do.  (Dec 15, 2007 | post #89)

WLTX Columbia

Woman Charged with 41 Counts of Ill-Treatment of Animals

Asking her to keep the dogs restrained was the reason the whole thing started...some of her dogs were loose (again) and cornered people and kids on porches...that was the reason the neighborhood went to her house and wanted to tell her to put them up because they were out. And yes, it was the entire neighborhood involved. NO ONE knew about the abuse due to a tall privacy fence around the yard that our xray glasses didnt penetrate. No one had ever been to her house before...and it actually was a deputy that entered the home, no one else. Nosey? one was nosey or invading the one went there to harm her or be was actually to even help her restrain the dogs which was offered to her before and she didnt take the help.  (Dec 15, 2007 | post #88)

WLTX Columbia

Shooting at McDonald's Leaves Two Injured

now if they are guilty (which they admit to being) and you take them out in public and cut their hands off then maybe no one else would try this as much in fear of actual justice  (Dec 2, 2007 | post #88)

WLTX Columbia

Woman Charged with 41 Counts of Ill-Treatment of Animals

She was a member of several dog forums that people came and stated how upset they were that she did not tell them about this and they would have been glad to take them off her hands...even buy them! But there are free ads all over the net for her to have it is terrible that it got this bad. None of those breeders could believe it and now wont advertise anything for her again on those boards..i cant believe it was that bad...had no idea.  (Dec 2, 2007 | post #54)

WLTX Columbia

Six-Year-Old Dies When Hair Dryer Falls in Bathtub

i was wondering the same thing...a lot of circumstances that may need to be examined here...could be the truth but then again that is too many things that worked out in this case that makes it suspicious to me. In most homes there are not outlets installed close enough for the cord to reach the tub.  (Dec 2, 2007 | post #23)

WLTX Columbia

Woman Charged with 41 Counts of Ill-Treatment of Animals

everyone had their own opinion of course, and i will have to disagree with this in some cases..i have a shepard/lab i got from the shelter adn she turned out to be the smartest dog anyone i know has ever seen. If you tell her she stinks...she heads to the shower with her head down. If she does stink she will go there herself. She has feelings like a person and can understand a great deal of words...which is association of sounds of course...but she knows. She is so amazing it is scary. Now there are some dogs that might fall into that category that you say about not knowing the difference to some degree..but still they were not happy sitting in that poop. Normally a dog wont go to the bathroom where it eats or lays if there are other choices, which these had none. Look into the eyes of your dogs and tell me they dont have distinct personalities.  (Dec 2, 2007 | post #50)

WLTX Columbia

Lexington Neighbors Discover Animal House of Horror

Not sure what you are refering to, but I have seen the Pet Shack in person (have you?) and it is no where close to has also been recently inspected by state and local officials and passed with flying colors and good comments as to the care of the animals. She also did this for the dogs 100% and I can assure you of that as I was there and saw the tears when she gazed upon those dogs in that dungeon. There was no other motivation.  (Dec 1, 2007 | post #214)

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