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Nov 19, 2008

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

18-year-old Ladera Ranch woman killed on toll road

Kelly, I see nothing in your comments that I didn't already know. We all know the facts. This story has been regurgitated more times than Jon and Kate's adultery issues. I also see nothing that would defend this girls actions. If she was that "impared, " with "terrible brain cancer," it proves my point even more, she should NOT have been driving, EVER! She STOLE her dads car, which was too much car for her. She was SPEEDING, driving like an idiot, taking the lives of others in her hands. She was a punk who saw herself as invincible. LOL Guess what, Nikki, YOU WEREN'T! Your skull crushes just as bloody as everyone else's when you slam it against a toll booth doing 100mph. She had no respect for others lives, why should we respect hers? I sure as hell don't. And yeah, we've all done dumb things when we were teens, but I was never that kind of dumb. If the dipshit listened to daddy, she would be alive today, not dead. But she didn't. And I could have been on the road that day with her, my son in the backseat. That could have been my sons life she put in jepordy. At least now, with her dead, she won't be taking the lives of others so carelessly in her hands. Face it, she deserved what she got. And than some. As for her parents, well, they should have had better control over their daughter. I hope they teach the other kids more respect for the saftey of others and not to steal daddy's car! PS I have a copy of the gory pics for anyone interested. FREE! Nikki's death pics should be shown to her siblings. Maybe they won't drive 100mph plus on a busy road. And Kelly, sweetheart, I have more soul than you. I prove that by not defending the actions of stupid kids who care nothing for their own lives, much less the lives of others, and choose to instead care for the victims who are hurt by such reckless people. Nikki will be remembered for the last stupid thing she did on this earth, and that is put at stake the lives of everyone on the road that day. That and what her "face," looked like following the crash lol.  (Jun 19, 2009 | post #387)


'Tis the Freezin' Season -- Give Extra Care to Pets and L...

Where do you go to report animal neglect/abuse when the proper authorities in your city/county do absolutely nothing?  (Dec 7, 2008 | post #1)

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