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Jul 5, 2007

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Minicoopergal here


Cameron Mo


not sure of the name.

Local Favorites:

Kirksville Daily Express,Trivia on Thursday nights

I Belong To:

lots of different organizations

When I'm Not on Topix:

I am busy working with out Veterans, animal rescue,or spending time with family and friends

Read My Forum Posts Because:

you might be surprised at what topics I post in...

I'm Listening To:

Bee Gees and 80s and 70s music

Read This Book:

Stephen Kings Insomnia

Favorite Things:

My Family & friends both in Kirksville, Senath, Kennett, Cameron. Photography,learning about the new town I now live in, learning about the past.

On My Mind:

My friends, Family, in surrounding areas, wondering why there are so much sickness in the world.

I Believe In:

God and I believe all people are kind and compassionate deep down no matter if they show it or not.. not everyone in this world is bad