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Feb 4, 2008

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Laurens, SC

House fire kills man, son

Does anyone know if this Nick is originally from Gray Court?  (Oct 13, 2008 | post #1)

Greenville, SC

Artists Make West Greenville More Colorful

I think it's beautiful! I work downtown and I love when I have to take the long way out... keep it up!  (Aug 28, 2008 | post #1)

Greenville, SC

Worst Neigborhoods in Greenville

I have to say that I disagree with LivingProperty. I made a decision to go to college... total financial aid and all... had to get a job to pay the cost of living. I don't regret it and I damn sure wouldn't trade it for a hustla's life. I'm in debt to my eyeballs but I would rather be this way than taking a chance at going to jail. I make very good money now and try to steer my friends to a better way of living. Get control over your life and see how much better life can be. As far as bad neighborhoods... I would have to say every neighborhood has a bit of bad in them. The worst that I have seen is back behind the KMart by Greenville Memorial. Past Dunean.  (Aug 28, 2008 | post #17)

Tigerville, SC

`Redneck Shop' creates dispute in S.C.

If anyone was from Laurens... you would see why he would choose that area to place the store. Laurens is no Greenville- not by a long shot. It's a poor and dirty town. Lots of drugs and poverty... and heck, a meth bust for every occasion! I remember hearing about the store back in high school and actually driving by to see what the hype was about. You have to feel sorry for someone who lives in his own world of hate. I really don't care if the store is there or not anymore because he doesn't get a dime from me either way. I get sick of these internet racists who would never say such things in public. I grew up in the military and have always been around diversity. I never experienced racism until we moved to the states. I sometimes wonder if comments left on these sites could possibly be someone who calls themself my friend offline? Oh well... I would not say that living in SC will make you hate white people?! Truthfully I love it here. I love the people most of all. I will say that most of the hate here is against hispanics.  (Mar 11, 2008 | post #696)

Simpsonville, SC

State Senator: Lower Drinking Age for Military

I think it is a ridiculous idea to let someone under the age of 21 drink... military or not. Heck, some people can't handle it at twice that age! Coming from a military family and growing up on several bases here and abroad, alcohol is the last thing we need to be handing to these young soldiers. I think it's an excuse for the VA to slack on their responsibility of helping those cope (with the situations our soldiers have to go through). And as one has said... it doesn't matter what they pass here. The Commander has the final say so.  (Feb 4, 2008 | post #62)

Simpsonville, SC

SC Man Wins $600,000 in Powerball Drawing

Congrats to $600,000 dollar winner! I guess I need to start trying my luck.  (Feb 4, 2008 | post #2)


Fat people wont be served food in Mississippi

Ugh. Sounds like a bad idea in regards to tourism. Heck, overall... since they won't serve me if I ever visited.  (Feb 4, 2008 | post #436)

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