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The muslim problem in Sweden! .com/watch?v=mX9XT zVuPoM&feature =related  (Mar 9, 2012 | post #4)

The muslim problem in Sweden! .com/watch?v=eQ6VI _bc1j4&feature =related  (Mar 9, 2012 | post #2)

The muslim problem in Sweden! .com/watch?v=5a1PM 6YB8wg  (Mar 9, 2012 | post #1)

willy din timisoara canta imnul romaniei ! .com/watch?v=YTWrH fA_J_o  (Mar 9, 2012 | post #1)

send all muslims out of europe now !!! .com/watch?v=5a1PM 6YB8wg The islam problem in Sweden.  (Mar 5, 2012 | post #7)

send all muslims out of europe now !!!

Multiculturalism in Sweden .com/watch?v=5a1PM 6YB8  (Mar 5, 2012 | post #6)

send all muslims out of europe now !!!

The problem is that your religion is preaching hate and destruction of the ''non-believers'' and that is agianst the deomcratic values that europeans share! And soon your religion will be declared illegal in Europe and therefore will be no longer possible for you to practice it here! Soon will come a time where Europe will not tolerate you anymore and will deport you back in your home-countryes where is even better for you to live acording to islam! And if the european politicians will wait too much, the european people will take the matter into their own hands! So it is better for you, guys, to pack your bags and go home voluntarilly! Bon voyage!  (Mar 4, 2012 | post #5)

send all muslims out of europe now !!!

Muslims are barbarians, everybody knows that and nobody can change that either! I just don't understand why most european countryes allowed them to live here in such huge numbers! In Sweden, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, UK, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, they have become a huge and agressive minority who have more rights that the europeans! In Sweden if you dare to say something negative about islam you can lose your job, you are considered a fascist, extremist, etc. In many parts of western Europe you don't feel like in Europe anymore. They have transformed nice neigboorhoods in ghettos where you only hear arabic languange, see mosques, dangerous places, and the worst is they act like they belong here. I hope that it will come one day when european leaders will wake up and send all muslims in their home countryes and clean european cityes of theese barbarians! I don't have anything against them, I'm not a fascist, I don't want a holocaust against them, I just want them out of Europe for good! And I think many, maybe majority of europeans, share my views! Or maybe we should get rid of the socialist and comunist politicians first!  (Mar 3, 2012 | post #3)

send all muslims out of europe now !!!

After living and working three years in Sweden I left back home and I don't regret it. The country is beautifull, people are civilized and nice but too naive about this multiculturalism bullshit! If I would be a swede I would have this question for swedish politicians; what have you done to this country, sweden??? Allowing 600.000 muslims into the country, giving them apartements, social welfare, etc, how could this be good for swedish society??? How could barbarians from tribes in Somalia or Ethiopia adapt in Europe??? Left wing politicians in Sweden should be put on trial for destroying this beautifull country by infesting it with muslims! This country has no solution! I doubt that, even in the best scenario that Swedish Democrats will get into power, this country can be saved from destruction!  (Mar 3, 2012 | post #1)

I finally left Sweden... for good

Swedes complain about muslims all the time but on the other hand their government encourages them to come to Sweden by giving them asylum and all the benefits that comes with it! They also marry their cousins from Suckistan, Fuckinstan and ''Shov'it up your'ass istan'' and bring them into Sweden! I have never seen so much cowardness and stupidity like in Sweden, they filled their country with these talibans who live on social system all their lives and other europeans who go there legally to work and pay taxes, have a tough time finding ann apartement to rent! I would send ALL muslims out of Europe to live in their nice countryes where, I'm sure, they would have no problems to adapt! And they would not criticize the system!  (Mar 3, 2012 | post #4)

I finally left Sweden... for good

And I forgot to say, that Sweden is the most boring country in the world ! But everybody knows that anyway... Or we can say that not the country itsels, but its PEOPLE... I'm sorry, swedish guys, but it's true, you know it also.  (Feb 27, 2012 | post #2)

I finally left Sweden... for good

After wasting three years of my life working and living in Sweden (the best country in the world at everything) I finally decided to put an end to my suference and leave this very stresfull country for good. The worst possible thing in Sweden is, by far, the housing system. I have never experienced something so stresfull, stiff, and totally ilogical (for a nation that says it does everything based on logic), a total mess. I don't want to get into details, but the waiting period to rent a first hand apartement is in average 10 years in Stockholm area! So much for the swedish perfection! ;) So I've had enough of moving around, (about 10 times in 3 years) and paying huge deposits and rents and I finally realised that life is much better for me in Romania, where I have an apartement! Yeah, swedish guys, I know it's incredible but in other countryes people actually OWN their apartements and Romania is one of them! So take your ''bostadsratt'' or ''bostadshit'' system and SHOVE IT UP YOUR GAY ASSES ! By the way, romanian women are more pretty than the swedish and they are still WOMEN, not some bull dykes feminist nasty bitches like the swedish women ! And in Romania you can freelly expresss your emotiones, you should try that sometimes, it feels good! We are human beeins not fucking robots! No ofence guys! Hej da och ha ett ''trevligt liv'' i Sverige! Och ni maste aka till Thailand nar ni vill knulla! ;) Trevligt resa!  (Feb 27, 2012 | post #1)

relationship with romanian men

Well it depends on the culture, of course, but also each individual thinks diferently and therefore what is normal to you it may be wrong for somebody else and viceversa. Obviously you are a conservative(maybe religious) person and you see cheating as something negative and a ground for divorce. I believe that cheating is a wrong word for having casual sex with somebody. It is just a need for all of us, have an adventure every now and than especially for married guys. Having sex with the wife all the time is boring after a while, I was married for 7 years and I know how it is. Of course I had adventures, otherwise I would have gone crazy. As a man you feel the need to conquer other women, to know that you still can, to keep your confidence in your seduction abilities, to feel alive! This is more common in the latin cultures, that is how it is! I agree that, by conservative standards, having an adventure is seen as desrespectfull to your wife, I understand that, but it has absolutly nothing to do with your children! Having as many women as you can is about conquering, is about fisical pleasure and confidence, it has nothing at all to do with your children! Do you think Tiger Woods don`t love his children??? Of course he does, but he like to have fun, and he is reach, he can get all the girls he wants! How can he be faithfull to his wife??? This would mean to waste his life! Tiger Woods did nothing wrong, he did what most guys would have done in his place, but America is too conservative, the society judges you for beeing normal! Bill Clinton did nothing wrong too! He just had some fun with that chunky girl from his office! But America humiliated him for no reason! I donĀ“t understand why! I have a son and he is the most important person in the world for me! If I meet a girl and have sex with her it means that I disrespect my son? That is ridiculuos, it sounds like Dr. Phill! There are diferent ways to see the same issue, there are all kinds off good guys! So I am a good guy, just one of a diferent kind!  (Oct 11, 2011 | post #540)

relationship with romanian men

Being a "one woman man" is not a choice for most guys! There is a diference between "being faithfull" and "not being able to get laid" : ) I am telling you that most "one woman man" are actually from the "not being able to get laid" category! : )  (Sep 27, 2011 | post #529)

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