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Jun 13, 2013

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The Crown Company-About

Providing strong investment opportunities in the emerging longevity market. Crown Alliance Capital Limited (OTCBB:CACL) is a publicly reporting Nevada Corporation formed March 4, 2010. Formerly known as Kinetic Resources, on August 31, 2011 controlling ownership of the business was acquired by a group of individuals led by Lorraine Fusco, our current President & CEO. Following the change in control, we changed the direction of our business to focus on acquiring senior life settlement policies and maintain until maturity these policies. http://crownallian t/  (Aug 21, 2013 | post #1)

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Chevron granted access to environmental activists' email ...

Oil giant Chevron has been granted access to "more than 100 email accounts, including environmental activists, journalists, and attorneys" involved in a long-running dispute involving damage "caused by oil drilling" in Ecuador, reports the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) which, with EarthRights International (ERI), is opposing the New York court's decision says: After years of litigation, an Ecuadorian court last year imposed a judgment of over $17 billion on Chevron for dumping toxic waste into Amazon waterways and causing massive harm to the rainforest. Instead of paying, Chevron sued more than 50 people who were involved in the Ecuador lawsuit, claiming they were part of a conspiracy to defraud the oil giant. None of the individuals represented by EFF and ERI has been sued by Chevron or accused of wrongdoing. http://www.quora.c om/Jaine-Yie/Posts /Chevron-granted-a ccess-to-environme ntal-activists-ema il-accounts  (Jul 18, 2013 | post #1)

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crown eco capital jakarta: DAMAGING OUR GREEN CAMPAIGN

Indonesia, the 2013 chair of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), which will hold its summit meeting in Bali in early October, has launched a concerted campaign to include palm oil and rubber on the APEC list of environmental goods (EG), thereby entitling these commodities to import tariffs of 5 percent maximum. The government lobbied the APEC ministers of trade at their meeting in Surabaya in April, but still failed to lead the ministers into a consensus to include both commodities on the EG list due mainly to objections from influential economies within APEC, notably the US. Trade Minister Gita Wirjawan visited Washington DC early last month to lobby the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to send a fact-finding mission to Indonesia to evaluate whether palm oil and rubber were qualified for classification as environmental goods. http://www.quora.c om/Lyn-Chevrolet/c rown-capital-manag ement  (Jul 2, 2013 | post #1)

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Jakarta management - UNEP report sees slowdown in renewab...

Global demand for renewable energy has continued to rise steadily, a fresh United Nations report has shown. But the study also pointed out that lower prices had prompted a reduction in revenue in the sector. For only the second year since 2006, global investments in regenerative sources of energy in 2012 failed to top levels of the previous year, a report by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) showed Wednesday. The world geneterate more power from renewable sources than ever before, however, pointing to improved efficiency in the sector. Year-on-year investments drooped by 12 percent, largely due to dramatically lower prices for solar panels and weak US and EU markets, the survey claimed. The report pointed out, though, that despite a lower increase in resources spent on extending the use of renewables, overall investments last year totaled $244 billion (183.7 billion euros) worldwide, the second largest annual amount ever recorded for the sector. nep-report-sees-sl owdown-in-renewabl e-energy-investmen ts/a-16877001  (Jun 13, 2013 | post #1)