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May 2, 2013

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Black Hawk College

I am a student at Black Hawk College. My mother and I go to class together because I'm handicap from a motorcycle accident. I have been out here at black hawk for many of years. I have had a bad time this year with all the teachers that I have had. One they move to quick for me. My mom comes into the room and helps me with notes. I am in a computer networking class at this time and the problem that I'm having is the teacher treats my son different than the rest of the students. She will not help or when she does she is really mad and likes to slam the mouse down of the table where I'm sitting at. I had surgery this year where my son missed class. So I asked the class to be recorded so that my son could listen to the class and not miss out on anything. So they record the class. I had called the teacher to pick up the recording from her house and she would not let that happen. So when we came back it kept getting worst than before with this teacher. I came back to class after the doctors said it was ok and she was getting mad at me because I was moving to slow and didnt know what I was doing. She came over to the computer were I was working on because I didn't get what we were doing in class to show me. She slammed the mouse down on the other side because I could not use it. And yelled at me what to do. She has the whole class on her side because she is nice with them. I have been here way longer than all the kids in this program and never been treated this way. There is a student in the class that knows what he is doing and he treats me like a dummie. He has stole a fire truck and should not be in this school. My mom has said it in class and the student got all mad about it. He has done other things too he is not a good person at all and she is really good friends with him. She has him teach the class so that she can leave the room when she wants. She needs to learn how to be a better teacher than what she is doing right now. I have contacted the Illinois State Police to file a discrimination case. The state police contacted the school and told them what I had reported and they started there own investigation that will not turn anything up because she is really like by everyone at this school. I will put more information up as I can to keep you guys that read this informed on what is happening with this all.  (May 2, 2013 | post #1)