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Aug 16, 2007

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Stewart gets a little help from teammate

I think the punch may have made Tony Kyle's hero?! LOL!! Those Busch bro's still dont act like they've burried the hatchet from last years All Star race.. That was a blocking "clinic" that Kyle put on!! That kid can drive and Im thrilled JRG picked him up!! I think HMI letting him go, instead of Mears, is going to go down as one of the biggest mistakes "Mr. Rick" has ever made!! SWEET!!! heheh.. Go JGR!!!  (Feb 17, 2008 | post #5)

Washington Redskins

At least Collins ended with a stinker! No QB controversy!...

Well, as good as Collins did filling in for Taylor, Im kinda glad he ended the season with a stinker game, throwin a couple picks and showing how slow he really is.. I certainly hope that squashes any crazy ideas of him being the starter next season! Thought the cinderella story was gonna continue there for a few brief minutes in the 4th quarter.. Oh well, maybe now Gibbs will get his butt back to Carolina where it belongs!!  (Jan 5, 2008 | post #1)

Washington Redskins

Redskins at Vikings

"Unfortunatel y for the Redskins, they'll need Clinton Portis (1,082 yards, 8 TDs) to bail out career backup QB Todd Collins." Unfortunately for WHO?? :) GO Skins!! Looks like Gibbs got may of made up for that horrendous timeout fiasco -vs- Buffalo..  (Dec 23, 2007 | post #6)

Washington Redskins

coaches are screwing us

Yep, Gibbs needs to let it go.. I know there's a core of folks in DC that still think he's NFL royalty, but the games past him by.. He "was" NFL royalty, in his day, but that was many many moons ago.. Some of the play calling and clock management decisions I've seen this year (in the few games I get to see down here in FL.) have turned my stomach.. High school stuff.. Gibbs needs to head back to NC. where he's really needed at the race shop!! The skins need some new blood in there.. Someone to kick some a$$ and take some names..  (Dec 2, 2007 | post #3)

Washington Redskins

Redskins they have a hope still ?

Also a long time skins fan.. (And huge Gibbs fan) It's also time for the coach to head back to his nascar teams.. The game of football has passed him by.. This years team is the most poorly coached team in recent memory.. So so many silly mistakes.. Ugly clock management and then today they make another sickening mistake with the double timeout penalty, with seconds to go, giving the Bills a 36yr field goal try, instead of the would be 50 yarder.. (And that's after giving up a 30+ yard play in the last minute of the game) This team needs big change, from the top down.. Gibbs is needed in North Carolina, where his racing teams are switching car makes this year, and the Redskins need some new blood pumped into the organization before they'll ever be a contender again..  (Dec 2, 2007 | post #4)

Washington Redskins

Time for Gibbs to head back to Nascar!!!!

How do ya make that kind of mistake, at that point in the game, at this point in the season?? Give away 15 yards, with 8 seconds left in the game, on a "timeout " penalty??? This years team is the worst coached squad in recent history.. It's time for the legend to head back to nascar, where he's needed..  (Dec 2, 2007 | post #1)

Jeff Gordon

Green, white, yellow and over

Actually JJ held off Newman, "BUSH", and Gordon.. My video tape clearly shows the 5 car ahead of the 24 when the last yellow was displayed.. If Im Jimmy, I'm puttin in a protest to Nascar to review the finishing order of that one.. 5 points is 5 points...  (Oct 21, 2007 | post #1)


NASCAR gave the Matinsville race to Johnson

It wouldnt have mattered anyway.. They only get one attempt at a green white checker finish.. They could of thrown a caution as soon as he got the last green flag, and it still would of been over.. What I'd like to know is what "video" they used to determine that Gordon was 3rd instead of 4th.. I tape the races so I can delay it a few seconds and synch it with Sirius Satellite driver feeds.. Anyway, Kyle was ahead when the yellow signal was displayed on the tv.. They showed Kyle 3rd on the ticker until they interviewed Gordon,then all of a sudden it scrolled by sayin Gordon was 3rd.. Who knows.. If I was JJ I'd be askin for a review of that video!! 5 points is 5 points!!  (Oct 21, 2007 | post #3)

Tony Stewart

Martinsville Qualifying Order

Denny didnt do much better.. they were 8th and 12th in practice, and now their gonna qual probably 30th and 35th.. I dont get it.. How can all the other cars pick up so much time and ours just putt around at the same speed they practiced at?? Im sure wonder boy and wonder girl will be right up front when it's said and done.. Oh, just checked the weather for Martinsville.. Rains probably not gonna make it in time to rain em out either..  (Oct 19, 2007 | post #46)

Tony Stewart

Martinsville Qualifying Order

Time to pray for rain.. Smoke couldnt get out of his own way on his qual laps.. :( I know he dont usually qual very well but damn. This is getting old.. You'd think he might do a little "above" par for a change, since it's the chase and all..  (Oct 19, 2007 | post #35)

Tony Stewart

Geez.. He put em behind the 8ball again.. :( Slow in qual..

Please god let it rain!!!! Cause once again Smoke didnt qualify worth a crap.. I think it's time for him and Zippy to start putting a little more emphasis on qualifying.. So far he's 8th of 10 cars.. If it dont rain out, he'll be back in the +30's to start, again, and be fightin to stay on the lead lap when the race starts.. Yippee... :(  (Oct 19, 2007 | post #1)

Tony Stewart

Lowe's - Saturday Night Racing.

Zip and the spotter usually do a great job of clearing Tony off pit road.. Not sure what happened last night, but it was definitely the spotter and zippy's responsibility to tell Tony to stop or go.. Contact with the 15 was bad enough, but letting him hit the 9 after that was the pisser.. They dropped the ball on that one for sure.. Tony rebounded nicely, but they're just not having that championship luck they need to win the cup.. When Gordon stumbled on that restart I thought it might work out, but once again he pulled the rabbit out of the hat.. Anyone else would of been run over and put in the wall..  (Oct 14, 2007 | post #127)

Washington Redskins

New team, same 'D': Redskins' zone scheme will look familiar

The Redskins coaching staff has made big mistakes every game I've seen this season.. (Watching from FL.) Gibbs may be a HOF coach, but he earned that in a different era.. For whatever reason he cant manage a clock worth a crap anymore.. And his offense is horrensous anytime they get in a hurry up situation.. Only bright spot I see is the defense and the QB.. Oh, and they need to learn how to "catch" again too,(both sides of the ball) but that's been a problem of theirs since I can remember.. (Least when it counts it's a problem) They do pretty good when theirs no pressure.. Couple more years and a couple smart coaching/player moves and they may be good again..  (Oct 14, 2007 | post #13)

Tony Stewart

Lowe's Practice and Qualifying

I cant wait for Yeley to be out of the 18.. I hope he finds success at the HOF team, but man Ive seen that 18 car crash and run around in the back for way too long now.. He puts the thing in the all figthing for 30th in qual.. sheesh.. Oh, thankfully Newman took the 48 off the pole.. Unforutnately that probably assures Jimmy of 5 bonus points, since the outside is stronger at the start here in Charlotte..  (Oct 11, 2007 | post #31)

Tony Stewart

I would personally like to thank Stewrat for..

Hey, Jeff was the better driver today.. What can ya do.. I think Tony would have much better "plate" race success, if he worked better with "his" teammates.. He's my driver, he's awesome and all that, but he made a couple key mistakes today that cost him dearly.. He needs to relax a bit, imo.. He was just to erratic at the end for anyone to help push him.. I think he's trying "too" hard, as they say.. I wish there was something that could tighten up the chase, but it sure looks like a Hendrick car is gonna take the cup.. Unfortunately I think I'd rather have Jeff get #5, than have Jimmy get #2 and think he's on the same level as Tony.. :(  (Oct 7, 2007 | post #7)

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