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Oct 15, 2012

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Norman Reedus

The Walking Dead : Will Daryl and Carol ever happen?

I hope not! Even though Carol is around his age she looks like she could be his mother. She has a full head of grey hair!!!! Daryl is hot but hopefully not desperate.  (Aug 18, 2013 | post #1)

Detroit, MI

White people killed Detroit

All I have to say is watch a few Hardcore Pawn episodes. These are the citizens of Detroit raising the next generation. If these citizens have no class or tact how will the next generation behave? I am disgusted watching this show because of the ignorant behavior displayed at a place of business on camera! I can only imagine their behavior in everyday circumstances.  (Jul 26, 2013 | post #114)

New Baltimore, MI

Is this Ashley?

Haha yes I too know an Ashley like this!  (Jun 16, 2013 | post #4)

Chesterfield, MI

Chesterfield Car Accidents

I am seriously disturbed by the lack of any effort by the Chesterfield Police. My husband was in an accident a few days ago where a 90 year old man had a response issue while making a left turn....i.e. waited until my husband was 10 feet away from the intersection before he slowly decided to make his left turn right in front of my husband who was traveling the speed limit of 50! There were a few witnesses who spoke to the police saying the 90 year old just decided to turn as my husband approached the intersection. When we picked up the police report no witness statements were notated and no ticket was given to the 90 year old. When we asked why the receptionist said " There have been accidents resulting in death and no ticket was issued. It's only going to put put a point or two on the drivers record." REALLY?? So this 90 year old man who probably shouldn't have been driving in the first place could have possibly nearly killed others? Thats bullsh*t! Something else suspicious about that accident is the 90 year old refused to get any medical treatment! YOUR 90!!! Someone can look at you too hard and a bone will break!! I'm betting he knew of at least 3 medications in his medicine cabinet he's on that states not to operate a vehicle or heavy machinery. The police should of made him go. Why is a 90 year old driving anyway? Driving isn't a right it's a privilege. I cannot believe the many times at Secretary of State watching a feeble senior not passing the eye test but they got passed by the counter personnel. So who's to blame for the older drivers getting ok'd to drive when they can't even make it to the SoS counter without help nor seeing "the dot" when taking the eye exam? It's one thing that this man should not have been driving a vehicle but its another that Chesterfield police didn't make any effort to investigate or go by the witnesses statements and give out a ticket. No wonder Chesterfield is going to hell financially. I'd bet if my husband was an off duty cop they would of made sure that 90 year old paid heavily!!  (Jun 16, 2013 | post #1)