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Sep 19, 2012

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Craven County Board of Education NEEDS David Hale

David Hale is running for a position on the Craven County Board of Education I am David Hale –retired educator, military veteran, and a product of Craven County and Craven County schools. You may visit my website (www.davidhalecrav and learn more about me, my credentials and my reasons for seeking to become your representative – the people’s candidate – for the Craven County Board of Education. In my seven years as a counselor at Tucker Creek, I placed the students and their needs as my top—often only – priority. I am asked if I have children in Craven County schools, and the answer is emphatically, “YES.” I have a daughter who teaches in Havelock and a granddaughter in elementary school. But, aside from this very personal connection, as I often stated at Tucker Creek, “all of the students are my children”. As a representative on the Board of Education, and a vested citizen of this county, I will always view the students of Craven County as “my children” and my responsibility. A casual review of my website or my brochure will highlight that I came from a family of educators. All four of my sisters, my wife, and my daughter have served as educators in Craven County. And, although I spent 35 years in military and commercial aviation, I never lost my desire to return to Craven County and give back to the community that gave me so many opportunities. Therefore, I pursued advanced degrees in Education, first a Masters in Counseling and Guidance and later an advanced degree in Education Administration. But degrees alone do not qualify the person; what is in the heart – the passion and a desire to serve – are essential. I am that person, not just for District 5, but for all districts and all the people of Craven County who have an interest in the educational preparedness of our children – this includes parents, business owners, educators, community leaders, and our children. Local elections, and especially non-partisan positions, can have an element of confusion regarding the process. In fact, in a Presidential Election year the non-partisan races (Judgeships, Board of Education, etc.) are often overlooked because of the intensity surrounding the higher profile races. Truthfully, all of the candidates on the ballot have equal impacts to our individual interests, and local, non partisan candidates are often the most direct and accessible ones for addressing our most personal concerns – the Board of Education open position for District 5 is such. Briefly, the primary election had four candidates for District 5 and was open only to District 5 voters. District 5 selected two candidates to be placed in nomination for the general election on November 6th. However, in the General Election, ALL of Craven County will have the opportunity to vote on the Board of Education candidates. Yes – Havelock, Bridgeton, Vanceboro, Harlowe and ALL surrounding communities in Craven County, including District 5 – YOU will have the opportunity to select our next board members, for both Districts 3 and 5 (Districts 1 and 7 are unopposed). Let me close by emphasizing my passion for education in Craven County, and my desire to be a representative voice for all of our schools and children. Together, we can influence the direction and vision of our schools and enhance the preparedness of our children. As my campaign contends, “Today they are our children; tomorrow they are our leaders…we must teach them well.” I am seeking your support on November 6th. David Hale Candidate – Craven County Board of Education, District 5 davidhalecraven5.c om  (Sep 19, 2012 | post #1)