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Apr 10, 2012

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I got OxyNeo for sale Here comes Canada!! lol crush proof...

i got some old 80mgs for 60 if your interested .. can do 50 a pop for 15 or more .. got 30 left as of now  (May 17, 2012 | post #211)

has anyone used canada direct meds yet?

who have i scammed? ive not scammed one person ever .. im sick of idiots like you that roll around calling me a scammer .. who have i scammed? answer that? no one .. so stop making oyurself look stupid with false acusations .. i take personalized pics for all customers and let them start small with buying one 10 dollar pill so they are comfortable ... so stop wasting your time bashing people .... Post proof or shut your mouth  (May 17, 2012 | post #35)

BEEN SCAMMED? Post Info Here...

wow look you calling a 6 th person a scammer now in 5 minutes. lol stop harrassing people and go do something productive with your time .. your not here selling or buying so why on earth are you here wasting your valueble time on us addicts sellers and buyers? lol  (May 17, 2012 | post #1278)

BEEN SCAMMED? Post Info Here...

mohammed who do you think you are"? every seller protects there identity . big deal i say i have kids and pay bills with pill money .. doesnt everyone? and why are you all up in everyones buisness anyways? i see you bad talking alot of good people on here .. if you have nothing good to say dont say it at all mr mohamed or whaatever you call yourself  (May 17, 2012 | post #1277)

Suboxone 8mg $10 Each Shipping Included. (Greendot/Paypal)

why take subs when you can take immodium for free? lol  (May 17, 2012 | post #8)

i found a legit site in canada that ships roxies

ya right .... if ur in need of old or new oxys pm me ..  (May 17, 2012 | post #2)

has anyone used canada direct meds yet?

hey got oxyneo in 40 and 80mg and also oxycontin in 80mg . emails if interested . limited hydromorphs and perks also .. [email protected]  (May 17, 2012 | post #32)

BEEN SCAMMED? Post Info Here...

if you have any ideas on how to name the scammers but also protect the names of the innocent that would be great .. im sick and tired of people bashing the non scammers just because there in denial that people actual do this over the net ... they must be very bored and have nothing to do besides it on here and bash people all day with there time especially when some of us have not even scammed anyone  (May 16, 2012 | post #1247)

DEA - New law on filling your narcotic prescriptions

in the usa its alot harder .. i travel to canada and pay cash over there . ive went to 4 docs in one day and got oxys from one .. morphine from another and hydromorph contin from another .. zanaz from another and valium from another .. cashed them all in the same day all at dirrrerant pharms ..Only bad part is i do not have coverage in cansfs do i hsve to pay cash each month for them ... over here in detroit your only allowed to get one narcotic script perrr month  (May 16, 2012 | post #87)

BEEN SCAMMED? Post Info Here...

vanguy you have claimed i am in co hoots witch some guy name canuck in vancouver withc it about 9 hours away from were i am ,.. that was your whole beef with me in teh first place and you were wrong once again.. so why dont you do your reasearch before you accuse people of bring in co hoots .  (May 16, 2012 | post #1245)

BEEN SCAMMED? Post Info Here...

who said kids? lol . this is topix and everbody protects there identity .. ive not once ever told anyone were i live or my true city or province to protect myself as a seller just like every other seller ... i myself personally cross a border to do mailing and collecting just to be safe . and for your comment on the others ? who are the other? the others are the others that have pm.ed me and were pissed off about the prices of the old cdn oxys as there hard to get now and the ones i do have ive charged a dollar a milogram just like everyone is charging!! you really think your going to find the old oxycontin version for normal prices that they were at 6 months ago? 80s were 40 dollars then and now they are 60 to 80 each and people get pissed off about that and then bash my name .. ive not once scammed or took anybodies money but i do protect my identity for myself and families sake ... so who are you to justify and state what others say? do you even no the othres? they could be from cameroon and scammers themselves trying to bash me to get more buyers to go to there threads were they claim to have the old version oxycontin for 30 to 40 each witch is very hard to beleive ... Ive offered pics to all buyers and not just pics but personalized pics and offered all small orders to start .. Ive even gained buyers by letting them bye one 10mg ms contin for 10 dollars just do they no that i am legit and here to help others out and make money.. Nobody on here has said i have scammed them personally but what i have got is idiots who just say scammer on my thread after they hear what i charge for the old oxycontin from canada ...And just to clarify i reside in detroit michigan and do all my transactions in canada 15 mins across the border were i also have a couple doctors and access to my pain managment clinic ... So take your bs and stick it were it belongs and stop harrassing people trying to make a living to pay there bills and dump there meds!! this is a pill forum and what it is all about and i will defend myself to the end unless i was in the wrong ...And also i dont even no you nor have i ever talked to you so im wondering why you are so interested in replllying to my adds if you are not here selling or buying ? are you just trolling aroundd trying to start trouble? if so take it elsewere please and thank you  (May 16, 2012 | post #1244)

f2f heroin..boy..dope Tampa & St. Petersburg

warchinout is from cameroon .. watch out for his other threads .. hes a tricky one and asked for samples if some threads and then tries to sell you rouche brand valiums in others .. check his ip for yourself  (May 16, 2012 | post #62)

BEEN SCAMMED? Post Info Here...

we need somebody that has time to keep this up to date with all the confirmed scammers and also all the confirmed bashers as to me they are one in a like ... If you got scammed then post who scammed you and for how much and there name and method of payment and how much and so on ... that way we no its a for sure scam that took place .... just putting people on blast for no reason is not right at all and im ashamed of you people that have the nerve to do so ... shame on you  (May 16, 2012 | post #1215)