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May 19, 2011

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Blacksburg, VA

brittany merrix

Asleep huh?!? That's priceless....yet another fearless defender of "poor Brittany". Except youre not fearless - you claim to know so much about our Mary but all you are doing is spreading rumors and if you "know" so much why haven't you gone to the police and helped out....sounds to me like you must be related to this piece of shit, Brittany because it seems to me like you are hiding - JUST LIKE SHE DOES!!!! Amazing to me that Brittany can sleep at night knowing that she could have saved Mary, in so many different ways and she chose not to because she herself was to messed up to care about anyone else. I beat if Josh's sorry ass wouldve been laying there, seizing she would have bent over backwards to help his worthless ass. Im glad the bitch is in jail, I hope she is miserable because like I said before she deserves everything that she gets and I WISH I could be the one to hand it out to her, because I would....GLADLY!  (May 25, 2011 | post #22)

Christiansburg, VA

brittany merrix

Get it right - Mary did NOT OD! Take it from someone who is part of the family and who knew Mary! She was a CHILD who wanted nothing more then for her dad to love her and accept her. Brittany is a piece of shit and I hope she gets everything that she deserves. I would love to be the one to give it to her.  (May 19, 2011 | post #15)