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May 20, 2012

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Surfside Beach, SC

Arrest made in Cold Case Rape Cases from 1979

Three big cheers for DNA and the continued investigation into cold cases!!! I would freely volunteer my time to assit in matching the scum to the crime... Hmmm wonder if there is a place to donate my time to help with cold cases?  (Jul 20, 2012 | post #1)

Surfside Beach, SC

Murrells Inlet man to serve six months in Myrtle Beach gu...

Looking this man up on the Horry County 15th Judicial Circuit Public Index I found on 8/22/2011 He was arrested and charged with Domestic Violence and on 9/26/2011 you guessed it the charges were "DISMISSED " I have found in one search 6 crimes this man was charged with and 5 of them dismissed... Think this is telling the story... is it not?  (Jun 25, 2012 | post #3)

Surfside Beach, SC

Murrells Inlet man to serve six months in Myrtle Beach gu...

6 whole months, with CREDIT for time served???? Oh no whatever will he do... My guess is either repeat his offence or go a step further next time... I have been doing a bit of research on a number of criminals recently reported in the news. I have checked prior charges vs prior convictions and I am in SHOCK and disbelief over how many serious charges are simply dissmissed much like the ones listed above KIDNAPPING, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, and of course we would not want to charge someone GUILTY of public intoxication.... wth is going on.. why are so many serious crimes being dismissed? I have looked up some of the persons charged in Horrys recent homicide spree and I don't have a current accurate number. However I am sure I am safe to say a majority of the persons charged with murder thus far in 2012 have had serious offences dismissed. I wonder how many of these homicides would not have happened had the Solicitors and Judges done their jobs and NOT simply dismissed those serious charges.... South Carolinas laws and people we depend on upholding the laws seem desperatley inadiquate. How long and how many more HABITUAL criminals need to go before the courts and be set free before South Carolinas government learns a few things about habitual criminal laws..... The only "habitual " crime in SC seems to be driving under suspention.... While I do consider that a problem as well, it sure as heck is not as serious as kidnapping, domestic violence etc.... Read more here: http://www.myrtleb 2/06/21/2898953/mu rrells-inlet-man-t o-serve-six.html#s torylink=cpy  (Jun 25, 2012 | post #1)