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Jan 25, 2009

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Azle, TX

Pelican Bay chief, three officers resign positions

Frankum is yesterdays news... Let's work on what is going to happen to Pelican Bay tomorrow. People live in the past because they can tell the future but the ones that live for today and tomorrow care about Pelican Bay. Do you care what happens tomorrow? If you do... What would you say to your people you would do? How far would you go for them? If they couldn't pay their rent would you help them? Economy is down and people are out of work. The people of Pelican Bay have more worries of paying rent on the 1st than a former police chief. George Washington is dead, George W. Bush is no longer President, and asking for a recount is too late. The people that live in the past have no perspective for the ones that live for the future. For the future is concern, I will spending more time door to door finding out what my neighbors need and want rather than talking about the past on the "puter" End of Thread--- means no response or reading after my message.  (Jan 25, 2009 | post #34)

Azle, TX

Pelican Bay chief, three officers resign positions

Welcome friends, family, neighbors, don't worry new member running for office here in Pelican Bay. I will be visiting the neighborhood to express my concerns and writing all... ALL concerns of every resident of Pelican Bay. I will be running for councel member and I will take no for an answer for you. If you had enough thats is fine, I'd had enough. The Pitbull is now going to fight for you come next election regardless of the councel members that cannot produce your requests. I am 39 years old and retired for 3/4 years and working on my second retirement. I did not get where I am today to hear empty promises. I am a homeowner and now here in Pelican Bay for life. I have homeowner insurance and nothing is going to stop me to speak for you here. Sure people will talk about my father but I am not him and with different opinions. I have enough of it and if you've had enough of it... I am on my way. I will be going door to door and asking all my neighbors one question... what would you do to change Pelican Bay? I am now going to bring it and not going to back down. The people should not pay for the problems that has happened for which I will try to fix the problems that others that opposed onto you. I am bringing my game. If they step on your shoes... they step on mine. No more games and no more empty promises. I will be in the face of politicians with your questions and in their face again to get an answer for you. In office... God help the souls of those who have screwed this family of Pelican Bay. I will bring my game and fight for you. I will fight here 40 years if I have to. I'm young sooner or later they will be looking on us.  (Jan 25, 2009 | post #33)

Azle, TX

Shots fired in Pelican Bay(Azle,Tx)

6 hours and still no access. I have all night Pelican Bay. I'll be here all night and the next and the next and the next. I will be there next counsel meeting. Sooner or later the public will know I will not quit them. I will be there for them. Tomorrow is a brand new day. Tomorrow starts their day of justice. Their day of being cared for. Their day of professionalism in office and their opportunity to make a difference of the future with or without me/someone to save them or comfort them of the negligence of the members of office. See you all soon  (Jan 25, 2009 | post #5)

Azle, TX

Shots fired in Pelican Bay(Azle,Tx)

It said that I would receive an email shortly but still waiting... Going on 4 and a half hours now....... I guess they are screening who applies or the just place the add for Animal Control Officer to get more funds from the state. I guess I will have to report that.  (Jan 25, 2009 | post #4)

Azle, TX

Shots fired in Pelican Bay(Azle,Tx)

Job Posting Announcement - Part-time Certified Animal Control Officer ------------------ ------------------ ------------------ ------------------ -------- By Webmaster - Posted on 26 December 2008 Reference: JOB35 Location: Pelican Bay, TX, United States Employer: City of Pelican Bay, Texas Contact: Police Chief, Gilbert Towns Url: http://www.pelican Job title: Part-time Certified Animal Control Officer Job location: Pelican Bay, TX 76020 United States Job type: Part-Time Compensation: $10.50-$14.00 Hourly (Depending on Experience) Job Category: Saftey-Other (Dispatcher, Animal Control, etc) Job description: The City of Pelican Bay is now accepting applications for a part-time Animal Control Officer. Under the direction of the Police Chief, employee will patrol for stray, vicious, diseased, injured or dead animals; respond to citizen complaints regarding animals, and respond to emergency calls. Responsible for animal welfare and proper confinement or disposition. Work with veterinarians, citizens, and doctors in quarantine of suspected diseased animals. Issue dog licenses. Issue citations on violations and testify in court. Maintain shelter by performing such duties as recovery of animals, cleaning, feeding and other duties that may be required. Observe areas of alleged violations and interview available witnesses to determine if laws are being violated. Will be subject to on-call emergency service (after hours). This would be a perfect part-time position for an existing Animal Control Officer working for another city or jurisdiction. Hours would be approximately 15-25 depending on availability of candidate. Job Requirements Education, training, experience: We prefer a high school diploma or G.E.D. Must not have a criminal record. Must have current Texas Class C Driver license. Prior animal care or kennel experience and/or training preferred. Must have ability to drive a motor vehicle and work outside in all types of weather. Must be able to understand and follow written and oral orders. Must have the ability to interact with the public under normal and adverse conditions. Must be able to read a map and follow directions. Basic certification from Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) as a Certified Animal Control Officer or the ability to obtain certifications within the first year of employment. Prefer Animal Euthanasia Training or ability to obtain certification within 120 days of employment. Login or register to submit an application DID I MENTION MY WIFE RECEIVED HER TICKET JUST LESS THAN A WEEK AGO. BUT WE ARE STILL SEARCHING FOR AN ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER. AND WE RECEIVED A TICKET. MAYBE CAUSE MY FATHER IS A SNITCH OR A JERK TO THE LAW ENFORCEMENT HERE. I DID NOTHING BUT IF THEY CAN'T TOUCH HIM.... GO AFTER HIS FAMILY.  (Jan 25, 2009 | post #3)

Azle, TX

Shots fired in Pelican Bay(Azle,Tx)

I've even tried to log onto the Pelican Bay website with no response. I will continue to call 911 or Azle Sheriff's Department if I am unable to get an answer. I'm sure they will get tired of it but what is the law for if an officer can't be reached for assistance... someone dying??? I can perform CPR but what if I can't due to DNR orders or if an officer shows up 3 hours later??? I am her for life. I am a homeowner and now talking to my wife and neighbors to run for office due to the treatment of my neighbors and family here. I don't even have to work to pay the bills. I WILL VOLUNTEER for the job. Officer Towns can reply but it will show if no animal tickets, no job. Law suits will come or I will be hired to make it clear that animals, with or without collar identification tags, by city ordinances(which was not correctly stated on my wife's ticket) will be getting the job or declined due to my father's opinion(which lives in Pelican Bay also). Unfortunitely, I will win. Murphy's Law What comes around... goes around. If you don't live here to see what's going on, well you better be there before it happens or if you don't see it happen... it never did.  (Jan 25, 2009 | post #2)

Azle, TX

Shots fired in Pelican Bay(Azle,Tx)

I called to report shots(hand gun) fired in Pelican Bay, Texas. I RECEIVED A CALL BACK 7 MONTHS LATER. I had to call and leave a message. Apparently Pelican Bay Police Department works off of cell phone responses. My wife, Katie and I receive a mailed ticket to pay for our dogs being loose in Pelican Bay but unfortunately ATV drive in our circle kicking up roadbase rocks breaking our back window which had to be replaced 4 TIMES. But officers could not be there for conformation of the crime that was committed. Did I mention that I dogs that don't even have collars were sighted of being loose. As a homeowner here in Pelican Bay, I will call the law on EVERY LAW ENFORCEMENT VIOLATION to investigate now that they got my attention of the law. Thanks for looking out for my Officer Towns. I will now be in the running for office. I haven't reached the age of 40 and retired 4 years ago. I will now be running for office and applying for the Animal Control position thanks to my military medical career. Or the city may reject my application due to my father's actions which I DO NOT CONDOWN. Either way, I see a law suit or a job opportunity.  (Jan 25, 2009 | post #1)

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