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Apr 25, 2013

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Three visiting spiritual leaders are offering an all day workshop on May 18th titled Conquering Consciousness: Unleash & Discover Your Soul Wisdom. The one-day only opportunity is designed to empower individuals to connect with their own inner wisdom so that they can transform their lives in powerful, positive ways. Participants will have the chance to learn a unique set of wisdom and tools from each teacher. Learn more at http://www.conquer ingconsciousness.c om Michael Mapes is an extraordinary Intuitive Coach who has traveled the world teaching people how practical spirituality can change their lives. Diana Blagdon is an intuitive development expert, psychic and Life Coach, and Lynda is a Life Coach and Channel who has transformed people’s live for over three decades. This life-changing event includes the opportunity to learn techniques to hone and develop your intuition, and every participant will leave with a personalized transformation action plan. Participants will not only have access to the full day of workshops, but will also receive several bonus items including downloadable eBooks, guided meditations, a catered vegetarian lunch, and other exciting offers. The workshop is designed for all experience levels. The workshop is conveniently located at the Hampton Inn in Denver’s Federal West Center and runs Saturday, May 18th from 9 AM – 5:30 PM. Tickets cost $197 and give you full access to the entirety of the workshop and bonus materials. Tickets can be purchase either on the web at http://www.conquer ingconsciousness.c om or by calling 866-798-4084. Come find out ways to unleash your own transformative power and overcome roadblocks that are preventing your full inner potential!  (Apr 25, 2013 | post #1)