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Dec 2, 2011

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Augusta, ME

The World of Whyville

I type in my user name and password on the Whyville hope page and the moment my user is logged in I remember my first day of whyville. I've been on whyville for about a year, starting my days off on July 12, 2009. I remember the first day I was on whyville. This girl who clamied to be "cooler" then me, was bullying me. I didn't let it get to me, she looked at me as a noob, but oh well. Well two girls who looked at the girl who was bullying me as a "noob" stood up for me. And from that day forward they were my best friends. They're names were Ashlei, and Meg, and they were my best friends for life. They introduced me to many more friends who i also grew to know in the years to come, their names were Coco, Aaron, and Tony. I visited whyville everyday to see my new friends, i truly did care about them. I visited all sorts of places! Like the Beach, Pool Party, Park, and many, many more! Of course my friends introduced me to more friends who introduced me to more friends! And before you knew it i had frown out of my "noob" image. I now had better clothes items and many new friends! I lways had my friends introducing me to new friends, but there was a point were I had to make friends myself. And i did, my friends Ashley, Adrian, Dustin, and Austin, was who i came to meet at the Park. I went there everyday with my best friend Haylie. Me and Haylie were the best of friends! We did everything together and even and even had matching characters! She was the best friend anyone could have! I ended up getting off whyville for about one year, due to health problems and always being so so busy! Until one day i finally realized I truly did miss whyville! So i logged back in, and to suprise I actually knew my password. So I logged in and went Straight to Akbars Face Mall. To buy new parts for my character of course! I made many new friends when coming back, and even made enough money to buy a new rare hair! I made new friends who i now hang out with everday. I'm very thankful for Savannah, Alexis, Matt, Evan, Justin, Pat, and Rocky! Sad enough to see though, i had lost many old friends, man had quit due to being busy or other reasons! But i am so so thankful for the few old friends i have left Ashlei (who I've hd from the very beginning) Aaron, Coco, Travis, Steve, Cowboy, and Nicole i love them all so much. Now Everyday i log on, and go straight to South Beach, one of the most popular places on whyville. And where I've hung out with my friends for almost ever! You could say that I'm a "Beacher " Haha. And to be honest, I have to thank that girl. The girl so long ago, who was bullying me and calling me names. Becuase without her non of this might have happened! Meeting Ashlei and Meg wouldn't have been possible, so i wouldn't have met everyone else, and be where I am now! So thank you... -Mia (:  (Dec 2, 2011 | post #1)