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Aug 20, 2009

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Tom Powers: Vikings traded the wrong QB and kept the scap...

tom are you gonna turn into a media troll like your i guess buddy judd z at the startrib ... sage was gonna go no matter what ... that is why the man has the title head coach on his door ... he had had enough of the lockeroom subversive aka "undisclosed source" ... good riddens to bad junk he was an infection in the lockeroom ... he was lucky to hav gotten the film time he did so as to develope some interest in his subversive tail ... coach childress was very clear from the get go it was not his choice to hav sage in purple from the start ... now he is gone and you and your media pals are still attemptin to create trouble where there is none ... just answer one question tom ... exactly how many times did the purple really and truely need a backup qb last season ... exactly none ... so tom does that tell you anything ... can you say MR NFL IRONMAN ... cmon man ... who's team are you on tom ... just askin ... obtw coach childress did not hav to play sage at all could hav just cut him ... i will miss d rey thou  (Sep 4, 2010 | post #16)


Green Bay Packers: Packers Atari Bigby having surgery on ...

the invincible d ... is thinning out ... heck by october 24th there will be nothin left but the "dpoy" ... that could be bad news for the cheeseheads  (Aug 5, 2010 | post #3)

NFL Football

Vikings' Brett Favre: 'Maybe I will be doing this when I'...

lmao @ bullfarts ... ifin he is throwin int's he is still throwin three times as many completitions ... that means he is still throwin td's and winnin games ... if anyone ever could still be playin qb at the level at which he played last year or there abouts at the age of 50ish it would be #4  (Aug 3, 2010 | post #170)

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards is focused on...

wow ... #91 your legacy is well on its way ... as a workout warrior ... as a man willing to do whatever it takes to make yourself a better athlete ... that drive to be the best has always been there ... ask some right offensive tackles about the quality of your game ... heck ask mr rogers (lol) he will tell you or ask MBIII about your quickness and ability to take care of your side of the field (that was an amazin play and i like MBIII he is from Wayzata) ... i hav always said just let your playin do the talkin #91 ... in the end it is gonna cost the vikings even more next time you are gonna be so in demand come next spring ... but between now and then ya all hav some unfinished business to take care of ... glad you're back mr edwards and thanks for representin the purple once again  (Aug 3, 2010 | post #3)

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings sign quarterback Joe Webb

hmmm ... warren moon ... randle cunningham ... daunte culpepper ... tarvaris jackson ... joe webb ... just sayin ... i personally think sage will go to the first team that has a qb go down due to injury maybe a package with one of the runnin backs that dont make the cut ... maybe buffalo ... arizona is not out of the question either  (Jul 30, 2010 | post #29)

NFL Football

Vikings' Brett Favre: 'Maybe I will be doing this when I'...

yeah #4 is gonna play and he is gonna riun some fans seasons ... lions fans / bears fans & cheesehead fans ... gonna be very disappointed when the purple are threepete division champions and yeah the purple are gonna make a run for the big game ... maybe win maybe not ... but do you really think this is his last season ... just sayin ... he has got one heck of a team around him and it just keeps gettin better ... and he legitmately cares about the purple ... that is a very bad sign for the lions fans / the bears fans & every cheesehead on the planet ... lets get it on  (Jul 28, 2010 | post #149)

Minnesota Vikings

t.o. & a.p.

anyone who recalls the way owens verbally abused coach childress durin a game while they were both still with the eagles knows that there is not a prayer in hell that owens ever wears purple while coach childress is still the head coach and breathin purple air ... plain and simple the vikings do not need the bs that comes with the owens package  (Jul 19, 2010 | post #4)

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings' Brett Favre practicing with high schoo...

i dont think the purple will hav to chase the saints at all ... in fact i am sure they know right where they will be on september 9th on thursday night ... i can promise one thing it will be a game ya dont wanna miss and the purple will be ready from the get go ... will just hav to wait and see who does the backin up and who doesnt ... wont be playin in the past will be right there doin what the purple do ... run the ball and stop the run and bein very special on special teams ... i know i aint gonna miss it ... #4 and all his crew will be ready as i am sure the saints will as well should be a real barn burner ... my money is on the purple  (Jul 6, 2010 | post #160)

NFL Football

Bears Get Last Laugh on Packers?

i do hav a question for mr dewy of marshfield ... are not the cheeseheads still the only team that is owned by the fans ... retorical question ... so do not all the front office executives answer to the stockholders (the fans) ... again retorical ... so bein the stockholders control the executives then all that #4 stuff is still on the entire cheesehead nation ... that is just the way i see it ... i mean i understand it is a very fluid corporation and it takes time for executive actions but seams to me all those that shoulda been terminated are still there and i do not see where ya all hav gotten any further along than ya were in well ya cant say '07 can ya cuz ya played for the conference championship that year didnt ya ... i get confused easily so i will just cheer for the purple ... just sayin  (Jul 3, 2010 | post #339)

NFL Football

Bears Get Last Laugh on Packers?

lmao @ packerhacker the real problem you cheeseheads hav is that not even you think that the purple are not the best team in the division and may very well be the best team in the NFL and ya still gotta sound like ya all believe in your ball club ... now that is a real cunumdrum  (Jul 3, 2010 | post #338)


Thome hits 2 HRs to pass Killebrew for 10th place

CONGRADULATIONS to Mr T-Homer we are all extremely proud of you and all your accomplishments ... as a twins fan i am so elated you were in a twins uniform when you were able to pass "THE KILLER" ... i also hope you are a twin for many many more of your record breakin powershots ... such an awesome swing just totally awesome ... thanks for all the thrills  (Jul 3, 2010 | post #2)

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings' Brett Favre practicing with high schoo...

i do not understand the problem ... obviously you cheeseheads are happy with the qb you hav now ... so why do you even care where #4 plays football he is entitled to work in his chosen profession and ya all made it clear he was not wanted in cheeseville any longer and you had moved on with your new chosen leader and to hear ya all talk about him he is the second coming ... so why do you even care that #4 has accepted a 13 million dollar offer to play football for another team ... you were very clear that you hav moved on and so has #4 ... in fact #4 was quite obvious about that fact with the numbers he put up in his 19th season in the NFL at 40 years old ... now ya all continue to remind the purple fans he is now 41 years old and could not possibly put up anywhere near the same kind of numbers as he did just mere months ago ... i mean we all seen how beat up and battered and buised he was heck he might not even be able to walk out onto the football feild come september 9th at nola ... now if that was true that would be very good for you cheeseheads so why do you care if #4 wants to return for a 20th season in the NFL ... seems to me is all in your favor and your nick barnett is spewin "superbowl or die" ... golly gee it must be the year of the cheeseheads for sure this time ... i mean that is what they said last year and the year before that too ifin i remember right ... so it must be true and if it is true well then why are all you cheeseheads so upset about a viking fan bein a viking fan and a viking fan doin what a viking fan does and that is ... dislike freakin cheeseheads very very much ... has been that way for 49 gonna be 50 years this fall ... so alls i can say is get used to it ya bunch of cheeseheads ... there is nobody in purple that cares what you think or what you hav to say ... there must be a board somewhere that is dedicated to you green and gold cheeseheads i really think you should stay to your own kind and tell someone who cares!!!!!  (Jul 3, 2010 | post #92)

Minnesota Vikings

Is Vikings' Visanthe Shiancoe seeking new deal?

i am a huge fan of #81 … i also think that alot of this contract BS is stuff that is fabricated by the media just so they hav somethin to write about in the month of july other than reportin on all the dui’s and drug arrests or the guntotin so called athletes that needs to be publicized and the offenders of crimes against women for which the players even HOFers need to be incarcerated for and the key thrown away on repeat offenders … #81 was all smiles when he signed his present contract and he aint bein paid a paupers wage … if he feels he has gotta press the issue he is entitled to do that … buffalo might even giv up a 1st rounder for quality tight end like #81 or maybe st louis or jacksonville … the purple need to get an early round selection to acquire florida’s c/g michael pouncey … please do not misunderstand i would love to see #81 remain in viking purple for the rest of his career … however when a player says it is a business then lets make it a business and just get to it and get it over with so the player can climatize himself to buffalo or st louis or jacksonville and both parties can move on happily ever after  (Jul 3, 2010 | post #51)

NFL Football

Bears Get Last Laugh on Packers?

i read alot of cheeseheads tellin us how #4 couldnt possibly hav a similar year as last year ... well hell who really thought that a 40 y/o would hav the year he did hav last year but he did ... so why couldnt he hav as good a year as last year ... same team same teammates only another year more expierenced together and another years worth of chemistry ... hell why couldnt he even hav better numbers than last year ... or ... what if he threw twice as many interceptions (14) but threw more touchdowns (45-50) ... hmmm ... what if ... makes a guy wanna ask what if mr all-world-rogers aint as good as he was last year ... were will the cheeseheads be without a repeat performance by mr all-world-rogers ... what if mr all-world-rogers falls short of his numbers from last year who is gonna pick up the slack the non-existing running game (doubt it) heck those two ol' war horses ya all got back at the tackles been beat-up more than favre (i am thinkin one or both will be done by mid october so get that rookie ready for #69 in purple) ... yeah you will get some help from mr woodson but the goat is gettin a little greyer these days too he is still a gr8 db but sooner or later he is gonna start losin a step here and there and lots of questions in the rest of that secondary ... as for that vaunted 3-4 well it didnt look so vauntin in 'zona in january now did it ... i know the 3-4 was new right lol ... all i can say is i am lookin forward to all the NFCN battles ... "THE YEAR OF THE VIKES"  (Jul 2, 2010 | post #333)

NFL Football

Bears Get Last Laugh on Packers?

in my humble opinion i believe we will see a bit of a change in the purple offense in twenty-ten … in an effort to protect #4 from alot of those big hits he took after releasing the ball last year i think there will be alot more pounding of the rock (adrian and toby) and i am talkin hammerin the opposing defenses … trust me the purple will be very successful at this with an o-line another year healthier and another year more expierenced together … now when a team is a successful runnin team that saves wear n tear on good ol’ #4 … however he is still good ol’ #4 and there is gonna be some lightning involved in this offensive storm and that is where B_Twice and his crew come in … a quality rushin team sets up the play-action pass like nothin else can and add to that the best head-and-shoulders -pump-fake in the business and ya got instant lightning to #87 or one of his mates #18 / #12 or #81 … i also agree with someone else who earlier mentioned that #28 & #32 will be an intricate part of the new passin offense differently than before in that gettin the ball outside in the hands of #28 or #32 will strike the fear of “loss of the preverbial jock” by that single coverage linebacker or cornerback … and #87 bein the deep threat will do one of several things … catch lots of long td’s or set up lots of one-on-ones for his mates or maybe all of the above … this will be a huge year for B_Twice ... and that will not require #4 to hav to hav the same numbers as in '09 ... ya just never know they just might be better  (Jul 2, 2010 | post #329)

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