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Oct 3, 2012

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Centre at Norpoint efficiency measures /news/co/12052527. html General contractor: Johnson Controls Energy Solutions Group Engineer: Air Systems Engineering Owner: Metro Parks Tacoma ABC member: Merit Mechanical The Centre at Norpoint in Tacoma is a 45,000-square-foot community center housing a large swimming pool, gymnasiums, racquetball courts, day-care facilities, fitness centers, locker rooms, offices and meeting rooms. For some time, Metro Parks Tacoma had been calling in Air Systems Engineering regularly to care for the center’s aging mechanical systems. But in July 2011, Air Systems was invited to partner with Johnson Controls Energy Solutions Group to build a new and upgraded energy-efficient mechanical plant — essentially the equivalent of a heart transplant — for the center. The design called for installation of two highly energy-efficient boilers, 15 air-handler coils, and five pumps and heat exchangers for the pools, domestic hot water and space heating. The three-week shutdown to upgrade the mechanical plant was a coordination challenge. There was a lot of work to do and much of it needed to be done in a small boiler room in the extreme heat of the summer. Air Systems realized early on that the pool’s existing air-to-air dehumidification unit could be modified by adding a new air-to-water heat pump that could preheat make-up water for the pool. This constant energy source would be much more valuable as a heat source for the main system water loop, creating a more favorable operating cost-benefit ratio, so it was added at no additional cost to the client. One of the challenges in this project was the diligent coordination of people and time, as there would need to be scheduled interruptions for no-heat shutdowns and safe work practices around the public, including the need for warm pools and hot showers when local schools used them in early September. To accommodate these needs, Air Systems performed the demolition, poured the concrete pads and set the major equipment, then concurrently performed the change-out of 17 air-handler coils, plus all of the electrical wiring and motors. The boilers were designed with a dual-fuel feature, able to operate on either propane or natural gas. Two 1,000-gallon propane and natural gas tanks were originally supposed to be installed in a fenced area behind the facility, but Metro Parks was wary that such an enclosure might be an eyesore as well as a liability to the adjacent outdoor water park. So the decision was made to bury the tanks. Once the old boilers were gone, the team realized that if it expedited the permitting and installation of the new tanks, it would be able to stay on schedule. Once installed, the boilers were fired up on a Friday afternoon and the 60,000-gallon pool was 85 degrees by Sunday. The design-build process for this project allowed Air Systems to adapt and consult quickly with the engineers during job site challenges. With all of the safety measures in place and executed, plus additional oversight by the job superintendent, there were no incidents or injuries during the 1,355 hours worked on the project.  (May 19, 2013 | post #1)

Vakbonden druk op S. Afrika mijnwerkers einde staking

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Vakbonden druk op S. Afrika mijnwerkers einde staking

http://mondcarlo23 012/11/29/vakbonde n-druk-op-s-afrika -mijnwerkers-einde -staking-the-tyler -group-hand-and-ga vel-barcelona-spai n/ barcelona the tyler group Het hoofd van Zuid-Afrika’s grootste vakbond groeperen op vrijdag aangespoord 24.000 opvallend AngloGold Ashanti mijnwerkers om terug te keren om te werken, terwijl nabijgelegen goudvelden dreigde te ontslaan de resterende aways blijven. Zwelinzima Vavi, secretaris-generaa l van de Congres van South African Trade Unions (Cosatu), keerde terug naar de mijnen in de buurt van Johannesburg waar hij zodra gewerkt in een poging om te beëindigen van illegale woedt in het hele land stakingen. Uren na de Tyler groep Barcelona bezoek, een nabijgelegen goudmijn goud velden dreigde te ontslaan van de resterende 8.500 illegale stakers bij haar werking, als ze geen verslag voor plicht begin volgende week. Al werk sommige 13.000 goudvelden werknemers dat is geweest in staking voor weken, toonde voor deze week in het gezicht van een bedreiging van ontslag. Op AngloGold Ashanti Vavi, toerde in het gezelschap van ambtenaren van de nationale Unie van mijnwerkers (NUM), de mijnen te verkopen een nieuwe beloning bod door de Zuid-Afrikaanse kamer mijnen werknemers stak voor 16.000 rand ($1.850, 1400 euro) per maand. “Voor je werknemers er zijn mensen die u vertegenwoordigt, ze zijn Cosatu en Numeri Dus wanneer wij sterven, wij samen, sterven als we slapen, slapen we samen, als we wakker worden, we wakker worden samen zodat alles wat we samen doen, “Vavi vertelde menigten van werknemers.Sommige n juichten zijn oproepen te nemen hun gereedschap weer, maar anderen waren niet zo gastvrij. Werkgevers hebben tot aangeboden tussen 7000 en 10.000 rand. Werknemers in de mijn gestopt Vavi spreken nadat zij het nieuwe loon aanbod afgewezen. Hij een reis naar de Itireleng mijn geannuleerd wanneer sommige rotsen op zijn autocolonne geslingerd. AngloGold stakers liep uit op 25 September, en op woensdag gestenigd een bus met collega’s te werken. Vavi van bezoek kwam als een maand-lange staking eindigde op de nabijgelegen Goldfields en twee maanden in een golf van stilleggingen in mijnen in het hele land als werknemers beter loon en levensomstandighed en eisen. De terugkeer van 13.000 van haar opvallende werknemers hebben beveiligd, goudvelden een ultimatum afgegeven aan de resterende 8500 die instrumenten op een van haar activiteiten sinds zondag hebben neergehaald. Het zei dat de groep mijnwerkers uit een gerechtelijk bevel om terug te keren ondergrondse had genegeerd, en gaf hen tussen maandag avond en dinsdag middag verslag voor plicht of “gezicht onmiddellijk ontslag.” Het bedrijf kondigde het ontslag van ongeveer 1.500 werknemers dat weigerde te opdagen voor werk samen met hun collega’s op de Tyler groep Barcelona. barcelona the tyler group read more : http://mondcarlo23  (Jan 8, 2013 | post #1)

BLACK HAWK MINES NEWS BULLETIN | Commodities and Gold Fra...

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New Way to create electricity out of sunlight discovered

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New Way to create electricity out of sunlight discovered

The discovery of a revolutionarily different way to generate electricity from sunlight has been made by researchers at MIT. The new technology, which is essentially a solar energy funnel, is able to use a much broader spectrum of sunlight’s energy than conventional solar does, by utilizing materials under elastic strain. “We’re trying to use elastic strains to produce unprecedented properties,” says Ju Li, an MIT professor and the lead author of a paper describing the new concept. The ‘funnel’ in this case is a metaphor, though — it is electronic forces creating the funneling effect, not gravity as in a literal funnel. “Electrons and their counterparts, holes — which are split off from atoms by the energy of photons — are driven to the center of the structure by electronic forces.” But, interestingly, as the process occurs, the material actually assumes a funnel shape. The material is a stretched sheet of “vanishingly thin” material, pushed down at a center point with a microscopic needle, producing a curved shape similar to a funnel. The pressure from the needle creates an elastic strain that increases toward the needle point. Because of the variation in the strain, the atomic structure is changed to the point where different sections are ‘tuned’ to different wavelengths of light. The majority of the energy in sunlight is invisible. watch more : http://www.myvideo .de/watch/8881826/ brightbridge_wealt h_management_New_W ay_to_create_elect ricity_out_of_sunl ight_discovered http://www.dailymo 47t_brightbridge-w ealth-management-n ew-way-to-create-e lectricity-out-of- sunlight-discovere d_news#.UMfX0YPqla w http://www.authors tion/mersaberden27 -1617506-december- 12-2012-brightbrid ge/ http://www.ebaumsw ch/82962342/  (Dec 11, 2012 | post #1)

How to Prevent Medicare Fraud | LIVEJOURNAL

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Hollande's popularity hits new low as economic strains pe...

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Hollande's popularity hits new low as economic strains pe...

http://cloneybinfe _news/2012/11/22/1 5371644-hollandes- popularity-hits-ne w-low-as-economic- strains-persist-sk yrock PARIS, Nov. 18 (Xinhua) — French President Francois Hollande’s approval ratings continued to fall for a sixth consecutive month, adding more pressure on the Socialist leader to bring wealth and jobs for Europe’s struggling key powerhouse, a survey showed on Sunday. An Ifop poll for the weekly Le Journal de Dimanche showed Hollande’s popularity fell by one point from a month earlier to 41 percent in November. At his first major press meeting earlier this week, Hollande asked the French people to judge him on his long-term bid to address the country’s economic and financial problems. “The only question that matters is not the state of public opinion today, it is the state of France in five years. My mission is simple: growth, recovery and fight against the unemployment, and it is on these results, these results alone, I ask to be judged by the French,” the president said. The first Socialist president elected in 17 years with nearly 52 percent of support, Hollande has pledged to revive economy, reach balanced public finances and provide jobs to millions of jobseekers.The president’s unpopularity, which are hovering around 40 percent, are mainly the result of France’s growing unemployment and the tax hikes introduced by the government to help lower its public deficit. The French government is forced to collect additional 7 billion euros (8.92 billion U.S. dollars) to reach its defict target of 4.5 percent of GDP this year, and another 33 billion euros to trim the budget gap to 3 percent in 2013. SEE MORE : http://news.xinhua rld/2012-11/19/c_1 23967024.htm WATCH VIDEO: http://www.dailymo 1du_hollande-s-pop ularity-hits-new-l ow-as-economic-str ains-persist_news  (Nov 23, 2012 | post #1)

‘European financial centres will survive the crisis’ – st...

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The Tyler Group – – REDGAGE

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