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May 28, 2007

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Houston, TX

report illegals and their employers

What part of "illegal " don't people understand ? ....Want to see an end to "illegal aliens".??? Get the government to offer a "bounty" on them ? ...Crime stoppers offers CASH for info....why not the INS ?? ...Neither of our possible presidents...gets it !! "they are all gods children" id one... really....guess what...their long worn out statement.... "I just want a better life for my family" d this is the so called justification for INVADING...America ... ...Fact is....I doubt you can find even one American Citizen that says anything except.. "I just want a better life for my family"... ....Good long as the invasion continues America is under was the Japanese who said after the war...they would "take us over from within".....G uess the "illegal aliens" believe that as well.. .....I as an American citizen could sure use the CASH for info I may give the "I could just have a better life for my family. ....None of us has an issue with "legal immigrants".. ...we all came from somewhere..unless we are American Indians...but really now....would you just leave your front door "anyone" could just walk in and enjoy your home"? NO NO NO....if invited then they may enter my for those walking the streets looking for a House to is exactly the same as invading the USA.... ....Why don't they...were ever they came from...just GO HOME and fix the issues in their country.....does anyone recall the American Revolution.???? We the citizens decided to change the game...we did not walk to Canada or Mexico and DEMAND they take us cause "We just wanted a better life for our families" ....I am so sick of all this be kind to illegals about taking care of American Citizens? ....Even without CASH...I will make calls but why not pay us for info ??? They could even make us pay taxes on the income... ....unless Obama wins...then he will probably just TAKE our income and pass it on to the illegal aliens.."who just want a better life"  (Nov 4, 2008 | post #43)

Houston, TX

Local woman ticketed for dropping f-bomb

This "ticket" is beyond was a 'word'.. letters put together to form a English. ...How about a "ticket" for all those who either can't or won't speak English ? I am 'insulted' to go into Walmart and hear words over the speaker NOT IN ENGLISH...and or asking a question to an "employee " who can't answer it because they make it known..they don't understand or speak English... .....I was "threatened " by a Policeman..who came to the scene of a wreck...NOT caused by me...when I used some "four letter words" to 'express' how mad I was at the "idiot" who HIT my car... .....He was more interested in 'telling' me to shut-up then dealing with the person who caused the wreck........What is wrong with that picture?...If you don't "get it"..I have some "four letter words" for YOU. ....  (Aug 15, 2008 | post #37)

Chronic Pain

Woman aims to help those in pain

Fact is....Doctors are so damn scared to loose their DEA number...(probably ..and or at least 'sometimes' used for 'self-benefit')tha t those who need high doses of RX pain medications are told "NO"... ...Proven fact....There is a huge difference between...being 'dependent' upon RX's to function and taking RX's for some 'cheap thrill'....People become "dependent " upon being "out-of-pain ".....when strong RX's are required.........n ot addicted to RX's. ...Someone please explain to me "what" and or "how" taking Rx's such as Vicodin give some sort of thrill to the user...  (Aug 12, 2008 | post #1)

Houston, TX

Don't Move to Houston

Oh how I dream of you getting your well as mine....getting out of here....but after being raped by the divorce procedure in Texas..I can't afford to move...."YET "...  (Aug 12, 2008 | post #64)

Houston, TX

Don't Move to Houston

I'll bet I HATE TEXAS more then you !!!!!! When I die I have a question to ask 'on the other side'....To whom it may concern( ie: the Creator of ALL)....."WHY " "WHY" "WHY"... ?????? ...Texas may be the second largest state in our union...area wise....but it sure is the 'smallest' when it comes to upholding the rights of a woman at the time of a divorce. ....To say Texas is "a good ole boy state" is a 'mis-statement'... ..there is very little that is 'good' here.... ....There is a statement that goes something like this...."I wasn't born in Texas...but I got here as fast as I could"..... ...Opinions statement..." I wasn't born in Texas...and.. I have been trying to GET OUT of here since the first day I arrived"  (Aug 11, 2008 | post #63)

Houston, TX

Victoria Osteen re: Lawsuit

As for Queen Victoria....she makes me sicker to my stomach then her fake motivational speaker(not a true Preacher)husband. This suit is NOT only money related...and we all know they have 'millions' serves to show how self-important Queen Victoria really herself. It is people like the both of them that give religion a bad name. ...Those who attend their 'so called' church services and support it financially are nothing more then "cult members". ...Good for the flight personal who put Queen Victoria off of the plane. ...Fear not..they chartered a private plane to take them after it happened. ...Talk is cheap...unless you buy into the "promise " offered by this disgusting cult. ...Goes something like this..."God the father wants you to 'have it all'...he wants the best for you...."..... But....."if you don't get "it".. it just is not time yet"..... and so the faithful return week after week to listen to the same 'dribble'...repack aged week after week. Donations accepted...but never asked least while being filmed. ...When asked "why" at all of the out-of-town 'speaking' engagements... "Admission is charged to enter and hear the word of God"...the non-Preacher replied..."ea ch person who enters must have a ticket"....NE WSFLASH...but nowhere does it say the 'ticket' can't be FREE...IT could be...but the profit margin would be much lower for them and they may be forced to travel in Business Class not First Class. ..... ... ...  (Aug 11, 2008 | post #2)



Do you believe Obama when he says he was "not" aware" of the "negative " comments made by his Preacher even tho he had been a member of the same church for about 20 years ???? Fact is, he was very aware yet made the choice to remain a member at the church and have a "personal " relationship with the Preacher. Anyone with a brain must know Obama "did not" have a problem with this "negative " Preacher until his relationship with the Preacher became public knowledge. Now and only "now" has Obama stated if the Preacher had not retired...he(Obama ) would "now" make the choice to leave the church. Knowing the "negative " opinions of the Preacher and staying a member shows Obama is not suited to be the President of the USA...."WHY " you may say....simple,Obam a sways in the wind like a tree...leaning in any direction...not capable of standing "strong" . He makes choices based upon his total lack of "good judgement". No one including Obama,if he did not agree with the negative teaching and preaching would stay and take part as a member "anywhere " that was opposed to what are the core beliefs of a person. By remaining a member he "validated " the teachings. Obama is is lying and not even doing a good job at that...he certainly could not do a good job as the leader of the USA. People are judged by the people that they associate with pure and simple. "Judgement "....and or...the ability to make "independent " choices leading to the good of a nation must be the first qualification for someone who leads the USA. Obama lacks both.  (Apr 2, 2008 | post #1)

Dog the Bounty Hunter

'Dog' Chapman loses move to block extradition to Mexico

To all who believe Dog should be in trouble and or go to jail in any country because he broke the law of that country...I do hope you are also writing and insisting that the "illegal alien criminals" who first broke the laws of the USA by knowingly crossing the b?order "illegally " and then work in the USA.."illegal ly"...etc etc...are also going to be "jailed" . So, why can the "illegal alien criminals" hold the government of the USA "hostage " and make "demands " for rights get what they want when they are "illegal alien criminals" and the government of the USA is doing little to help a "citizen " of the USA when he is in need???? Doesn't speak well of our governement. IF the USA had done a good job of catching the guy Dog went down to Mexico to capture then fact is Dog would never have needed to go. As an American citizen in my eyes,Dog, was an "extension " of the government of the USA...doing what they could not do when the guy was here in the USA.  (Jun 5, 2007 | post #1311)


NO  (Jun 5, 2007 | post #2)

Dog the Bounty Hunter

'Dog' Chapman loses move to block extradition to Mexico d as for Doug....I guess he is also busy standing in line STOPPING the "illegal aliens" who commit a crime by crossing our border....since he is so sure about Who commits a crime.....and WHO should be punished.... perhaps it is DOUG who needs to RETHINK ...CRIMES... .....the USA needs to stand up for Dog just because he did what the USA could not do....that being catch the guy...and let him escape the law in the USA. ..OKAY DOUG....are you out catching all of those "illegal aliens" who are breaking all of the laws of the USA???? I doubt it....perhaps, that is the life you should try to get instead of telling other people they need a is YOU who need one Doug.....not Charlene  (Jun 4, 2007 | post #1309)


Immigrant rights activists hopeful

OH WAIT....let me get something to catch my tears....NOT.... guess what...Mexican girl....Americans, citizens, here are ALSO expected to make enough money to take care of their families....and so what is your point????????????? ???????????? So, I get it, the United States of America is suppose to open their arms to people who don't have an education ....and or can't take care of their families.....NOT. That is exactly why dear, the Citizens of ALL colors and who came here "legally " from many countries including ...those SOUTH of the USA....ARE AGAINST signing off on all of the "illegals " here NOW who broke the law to get here and are in fact "criminals " who are USING the system in place in the USA that supports "illegal alien criminals"... ..too bad sad....NOW, tell those unhappy future to be "illegal alien criminals" to take care of business in their own countries and FIX what is broken there and NOT to come here and expect the USA to FIX them by doing for them what they won't arise and fight for in their own country... .......these "illegals " don't want "citizenship " and that is NOT a part of the present does not require the "illegal alien criminals" soon to be called...."le gal" over night to be on a Path to Citizenship....... .ALL the "illegal alien criminals" demand is that they now will be "LEGAL". ... wait my the years to come when the new "legals" find their Benefits cut because now the new "illegal alien criminals" demand their needs be met......then the newly crowned "legals" will protest it is not fair and will make demands yet again.....that the "illegals " demanding rights be denied them.....after all, they are "illegal " and they are not because of the bill soon to be passed... And here for all citizens without an education....which by the way, our citizens have to pay "OUT OF STATE" fees to attend college...the "illegals " don't....they can go to college in any extra fees....while the "citizens " of the USA have to PAY OUT OF STATE fees.....if not attending in their home state....WOW...yet another NON benefit of being a citizen being given to "illegals " that citizens don't get... ....what is wrong with that picture dear...??? Can I interest YOU in doing something about that INJUSTICE ?????? I doubt it...  (Jun 4, 2007 | post #7893)


Where can I post openings for great medical jobs?

I am just starting my new business. I am a college grad who has a physical disability so all of my contacts are done online. I am able to network with several major medical centers and or hospitals all over the United States who are searching for dedicated exceptional medical personal. At this point in my new business I can't afford to post these jobs on the sites that charge high fees. Can anyone here help me with suggestions on 'where' I could post these jobs(free of charge)? Anyone interested in finding new employment could,if after reviewing the jobs, contact me directly so that I could help them reach their goal of a new exciting placement. Also, is anyone aware of online sites where I could review resumes at no cost to me ? I could then contact those who had posted directly about openings. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated. I am,inspite of my physical disability,trying to build a business that will allow me to live as independently as possible. Thanks to all who can help. You may send any info you have to me at... [email protected] m I would be more then pleased to assist anyone here in finding a wonderful new rewarding placement. My openings are not restricted to those of a Nurse. I handle many areas of the medical profession.  (May 31, 2007 | post #1)


Immigrants rally for rights, unity

it really is NOT "illegal immigration". is "illegal invasion". to Immigrate is to want to become "one with" in other words...become an American Citizen as the "immigrants " many years ago did from Europe.....they "immigrated " to America to become "American ".... the "illegal aliens" have no desire to become a citizen...they only want to be call "legal aliens" so they can get benefits...NOT contribute to Americas future.  (May 30, 2007 | post #1135)


Illegals pay taxes, too

how to deport the "millions " of illegal aliens....try this..(but do it fast before the new Bill makes them all"legal ") ...ONE BUS AT A TIME... problem soloved...advertiz e FREE anything, and they will come... the door to the bus and bye bye "illegal alien".. and for those in the media who cry.."they just want a better life"...well, damn, so do the citizens of the USA...of all colors,races and nationalities.. and that CNN idiot who tried to bring us to tears...."do you want this baby seperated from his daddy"...well , I don't want my American Soldiers who are daddy's seperated from their babies pardon me for not giving a rats ass if an "ILLEGAL alien" is seperated from anyone...I only want the "illegal " seperated from the USA...forever....d on't want to leave your family???take them back with you...there is lots of room on the bus....  (May 30, 2007 | post #10)


mexico and texas border

Like it here so damn much Juan....become an American Citizen and this land and your job will be in your Country....then YOU can get in line as a citizen like me protesting WIC paying for NON citizens... You and those like you to take the WIC which in fact is paid for by CITIZENS....which is why YOU don't desire want to TAKE it ...but you don't want any of your pay going to support it.....Americans will begin to listen to YOU when you begin to put in even a small part of what you take out....YOU have no motivation to become a me, American Citizens have a hard time getting "help" when they need it...they have to meet requirements "illegals " are not held to...and therefore.....YOU don't really want Land want our land to back you with our benefits and WIC By the time all of you "illegals " finish taking over America.....none of you will get the benefits you get now....cause there will not be enough Citizens to pay for all of you.... GO home....if "illegals " made as much noise in their own country....maybe you would not have to invade our country. by the "immigrant " you are "immigrant " comes with the vision of becoming "illegal "(soon to be 'legalized' over night by the current Bill) comes to use and abuse the system in place...they have no diseire to "immigrate "...and become American....only to USE and ABUSE America and it's citizens... GO HOME and all like you are COWARDS by coming here....refusing to stand up for yourselves in your own country.....YOUR voice is "mute" to my ears......nothing you say is worth taxes already know more then they need to about who and what you "illegal aliens" get...and what you don't give back......want to work here...get them to pass a Bill allowing you to PROVE it...and join the US Military....defend America in the Middle East...put your life on the line...instead of lining up for benefits...." NO" you I are a coward...pure and simple...  (May 30, 2007 | post #97)