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Oct 22, 2007

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Nicholasville, KY

Mayoral Commission on Immigration: Tougher provisions urg...

50,000 illegal aliens cross our border every day, bringing with them every disease you can think of due to unsanitary living conditions. This isn't just a legal issue. Our healthcare is overrun with illegal aliens running to America because we won't send them home while ill. I can't afford to bring my daughter to the hospital if she's ill but if I was from Mexico and my name was Garcia then I wouldn't have to pay, the hospital will just up the charges for all the legal citizens to cover that cost. Illegal aliens get more rights than legal citizens because America has this big rule that we don't want to offend people. I must have missed the part in the constitution that states that people have the right to not be offended. That seems to be the big issue, no one wants to offend the lawbreakers. So we allow them to come over here, not pay taxes, rape our little girls with virtually no prison sentence, bring over their diseases and give them free healthcare. Welcome to America!  (Nov 1, 2007 | post #2)

Harker Heights, TX

Colonial Property Management Grossly overcharges soldier

Has anyone else had colonial refuse to sign for certified mail?  (Oct 31, 2007 | post #45)

Harker Heights, TX

all whites are racist? wow I had no idea

http://worldnetdai e.asp?ARTICLE_ID=5 8426  (Oct 31, 2007 | post #1)

Harker Heights, TX

Colonial Property Management Grossly overcharges soldier

Yes, I would even go so far as to say pass out flyers. I printed some up that read: "For your own protection, please go to or dial (bbb phone number) before renting with Colonial Property Management. on 580 East Central Texas Expressways (colonials phone number)" Topix won't let me post phone numbers, but I give them to everyone I meet.  (Oct 22, 2007 | post #44)