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Sep 27, 2012


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Q & A with Me I Know Notheeng


Ok, maybe I know a little bit.


But I don't know that.


I like rabbits.

Local Favorites:


I Belong To:

The list of people who don't spew maggot feces on other people

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm finding out why I'm not on Topix. Or I am at work and am waiting for a break so I can be on Topix. Or

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I call people pompous raisin heads

I'm Listening To:

I have a special hat.

Read This Book:

This isn't a book. It's my computer, and you do not have my permission to read it. Find your own books. Or read Imaginary Jesus. It's really funny.

Favorite Things:

Ninjas (I think I will if I ever find one), looking for Ninjas, designing new Ninja traps and cooking Ninja food

On My Mind:

If you stop projecting yourself onto God and using yourself as the standard to judge the world you won't be a self-righteous pile of butt-stink.

Blog / Website / Homepage:

Do I even know what those are? Someone help me out with this. Is this about those computer thingies?

I Believe In:

1. Being nice to people even when I'm being really mean to them because they are being a maggot-munching-feces-spewer to someone else. 2. Don't start none because if you start some there will be some, and if there is some I will politely stomp you down into some of what you started. I think I put those backwards. Read them again, but read the second one first.