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Mar 31, 2013

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Calling all Non-Racists

Great song Dr.Reality. And I'm definitely going to watch the movie suggested Captain O via YouTube. Thank-you both of you, sincerely, Mefly2  (Mar 31, 2013 | post #7)

Top Stories

Calling all Non-Racists

I read through many of the comments on the racist forum and found a lot of generalities.Whites are guilty of this...Blacks are guilty of this..etc. like ALL Whites are guilty...ALL Blacks are guilty...ALL,ALL ALL.It's very sad and untrue.Like Dr. Reality says, and I am in agreement because it's true.Good and bad aren't how races should be labeled but individuals.And I'll throw this in...Babies have no choice of what their skin color will be when they are born.That's up to God and He obviously likes variety.  (Mar 31, 2013 | post #4)

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You,Them and I


Long Beach, CA


Currently Mid-Reno,NV

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The Antique Rocker, The Guitar Store

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Calvary Chapel Reno-Sparks

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Go places with my wife,read, watch old movies from the 30s through the 60s, write music and record

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Miles Davis, Mozart, The Doors

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NKJV Bible

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God, Feral cats,music

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Redemption in Jesus Christ