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Sep 30, 2012

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Tyler Group, BIOGRAFER I BARCELONA, The Tyler Group

when i come to your blog i always get interested on what you had written.  (Nov 6, 2012 | post #2)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Tyler Group, BIOGRAFER I BARCELONA, The Tyler Group

Barcelona really has no cinemas, and most shopping centres, cinemas. If you want to go to the movies when visiting Barcelona you have lots of options in the group, Tyler, but be aware that most films in the city are doblado (dubbed) into Spanish and Catalan. Films in Spain usually do not appear until 4 or 5 pm and continue showing after midnight. If you want to watch the original version, you need to choose a movie that is signed with v. o. (original version). The main cinemas in Barcelona that show films in v. O is the Cine Verdi Park in Gracia, Icària Yelmo in Port Olimpic, Renoir in Les Corts and Floridablanca and Méliès Ciniemes in Eixample others listed below. Boliche This comfortable four-screen movie has recently made the transition from the dubbed movies and now shows the crowd-pleasers in their original language. Casablanca-Kaplan Two capacity of 180 seats auditoriums offer a mix of local movies, world cinema and Hollywood big movies. Cinema Maldà In its last incarnation showing well-loved cinema Maldà now indie and arthouse films. Cinemes Méliès This small, two-screen cinema is the closest to Barcelona coming to an arthouse theater, with an idiosyncratic roster of classics along with others. FilmoTeca de la Generalitat The State financed the Filmoteca is a bit dry for some tastes, offers extensive seasons of cinema's more obscure filmmakers together with premiered. Icària Yelmo Cineplex This large multiplex has all the atmosphere of the near-empty template that surrounds it. But what it lacks in charm, it makes up for in the elections, with 15 screens. Verdi Five-screen Verdi, Verdi Park, its four-screen annexe on the next Street, have transformed this corner of Gràcia with a varied programme of. Renoir Floridablanca This is the more central of Renoir cinemas, screens up to eight independent, standard American, British and Spanish films per day, but note that. JOIN US: http://pages.redif oup-barcelona-serv ices/1799973 WATCH the VIDEO AT: http://ishare.redi tainment/the-tyler -group-barcelona-s ervices-biografer- i-barcelona/769019 2  (Nov 6, 2012 | post #1)