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Dec 14, 2006

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celexa vs lexapro

Hi, Your insurance should be hanged, drawn, drowned and quartered Escitalopram is NOT citalopram. It is closely related, but Lexapro (escitalopram) does not have the dextro-side of the chemical. Therefore it can potentially work very different in a person. Simply replacing the prescribed medication by doubling the dose of a similar medication, is something that is and should remain in the hands of your physician and specifically NOT in the greedy grapplers of the Insurance bean-counters.  (Dec 20, 2007 | post #3)

someone help

Hi Amy Lou, I take mine 1st thing in the morning, then have a good breakfast and chase it down with two mugs of coffee (Just my personal preference). That way, I get through the day properly and as the meds level down in the evening and night, I sleep better as well. Also having a fixed time or moment in the day prevents skipping a dose or, what is worse, inadvertently taking a double dose. Best regards, Meerkat  (Dec 12, 2007 | post #6)

Thick Ejaculate

I noticed that the consistency was a little thicker, which also made made me experience more intensity, but not to the extent that you're mentioning. Maybe you should watch your fluid intake. 1st time I have heard about it, but definitely something to mention to your doc. Good luck.  (Dec 11, 2007 | post #2)

Celexa and alcohol

Actually, I gravitated towards spiced rum and sometimes towards vodka. The vodka gave me more of a problem (stomach issues and excessive burping) but where it came to the alcohol effects they were identical. Take care  (Dec 11, 2007 | post #100)

someone help

I take it that your original perscription was 20mg? If so, then I suggest that (unless your doctor tells you otherwise) you give it 6 to 8 weeks to reach titration level. This means that it will take that long before these meds get to their optimally effective level. Please note that varying your dosage within this time period can give you unpredictable results and side-effects, but it is important to give it that long. With me it started to work within the 1st two weeks with only moderate side-effects and I'm now (after 2 years) at a point where I've been able to halve my dose and still do okay with my depression and anxiety. Hold on, hon. Give it a chance and talk to your doc if you have concerns. Warmest and kindest regards, Meerkat  (Dec 11, 2007 | post #2)

Celexa, weight loss, PDD

I will not shop at Wall-Mart, but more and more big-boxers are adopting this construction. The Big Pharma's are pushing this approach for the more commonly used meds that have run out of their patent-date and thus have become far less profitable to them. It's their way of undercutting a more comprehensive Healthcare provisioning system. It's okay to use this construction, but just know that you'll be playing into the hands of those who want to keep the US healthcare system, as bad and as costly as it is to the consumer, but as profitable it is to the providers, as it is. Just my $0.02 Meerkat  (Nov 19, 2007 | post #14)

New to celexa ... jaw clenching and loss of appetite?

Yes. But in my case (I'm male) not in a bad way. Initially sexual side-effects were bad, but it takes some time to get used to things and experiment a little to adjust. Once at titration level things got easier. It takes a little longer to climax, but that add to staying power, which is appreciated by my partner. Generally climaxes are stronger, longer lasting and definitely more satisfying, but that can be because I have to work harder for it. Good working ethics and all that, maybe  (Nov 9, 2007 | post #34)

Celexa and alcohol

Hi All, As mentioned earlier in this thread and at the risk of boring everyone to tears and cause them to gnash their teeth in revulsion and misery, I will nevertheless repeat my findings. I'm on 20mg Citalopram, the generic form of Celexa. I have never had real alcohol problems and have always been very casual in my consumption, but once I titrated (meaning, getting to the effective level at about 4 to 6 weeks) I noticed a couple of things. 1. I wanted to drink and I wanted it bad! 2. When I start drinking, I drink like a fish. 3. When drinking I hardly get drunk or impaired. 4. I have a clear recollection of what went on. 5. I don't get obnoxious, just a little drowsy. 6. Next morning: No hangover. Just a little dry in the mouth, but for the rest all clear and chipper. 7. All of this did not seem to impair my meds from working. I felt fine and dandy. All of this sound very nice, but it is not! You should see what it does to your liver enzymes. Not very pretty! Kidneys take a whallop too. I'm not sure what it does to the braincells, but it can't be good either. For the rest, this can get spendy really quickly. After I found myself guzzling a 2 liter bottle of 92proof Rum in three days, I decided that things were out of hand. I detoxed myself and have been sober ever since, although the cravings are fairly strong. Sometimes I feel as if my meds turned me into an alcoholic, but maybe that just my denial at word. Bottom line is: Be very careful with celexa/citalopram and alcohol. Meerkat  (Nov 9, 2007 | post #93)

No sex drive before celexa, could it help?

Well, I don't know, but it is my guess that it could go either way. If your depression was causal to not having any sexdrive and you react correctly to citalopram, then you may see an uptick in your desire, but it will be different that when before your depression. I frequently hear that having a sexdrive but no possibility to achieve a climax is almost worse than not having any sexdrive at all. I think that a lot also depends on your partner-at-play. I mean, having sex in a relaxed, un-controlled and patient setting with an attractice, understanding and capable partner is more likely to boost your mood and erotic responsiveness than having to do a quickie with an ogre. As a man who had similar problems as the ones you described, I have found that proper management of my depression provided me the mental and emotional capabilities to work with the citalopram side-effects to the extent that I have a potentially satisfying sex-life for myself and find myself more capable of satisfying my (non-medicated) partner better and longer than before. Things take longer (more play-time), but the climaxes are more intense and longer lasting as well, so from my perspective, things are hunkies if and when we can make the time for it. Time to really relax and enjoy is key in this context. For me sex in and of itself is a huge and healthy antidepressant. I Hope that it works for you as well. Warmest and kindest regards, Meerkat  (Oct 25, 2007 | post #2)

the truth about celexa

Hi Stavros, The pills are not used up while you sleep. As you mentioned it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get to max. effective level for this stuff and and every day when you take it, it builds and conditions your system to get to that proper level. Once that level is reached, every pill essentially is a maintenance-dose to keep that level where it is supposed to be. Since the half-life of citalopram is fairly long, meaning that it takes a long time to leave your system, the dosage level remains fairly even. What you are talking about are the immediate side-effects that wear off during the night. Those you normally can do without and have relatively little to do with the desired functioning of the meds. I happen to take my meds in the morning right as I get out of bed and then wash it down with a cup of strong coffee so that I don't get drowsy from the immediate SEs. By the time I get to work, I'm at least halfway 'with-it' and can start my workday with at least the modicum of a good mood. At about 2100hrs (9pm) I tend to zonk-out and I'm down for the count at 2200hrs. I sleep well, but sometimes the vivid-dreams wake me up. Just my $0.02 Be Well Meerkat  (Oct 17, 2007 | post #14)

Celexa, weight loss, PDD

Hi Michelle, I went back on 10mg citalopram after having been off it for several months. I guess SAD is kicking in again since I now have to go into work at dark and generally don't come out until it is dark again. In any case, I noticed a very slight drop in weight as I'm regularly weighing myself every morning. On average between a pound or two. I don't worry about it since I can miss it easily (I'm about twice your weight), but I also noticed a distinct change in my appetites. I can't seem to stomach carbs and I have intense cravings for yoghurt, buttermilk and cheeses. I'm not complaining, since it is a huge improvement over my previous intake and I feel a lot better on it, but I do think that citalopram has something to do with it. About 90% of serotonin affects your digestion and metabolism, so that should be no surprise. If you're worried about losing too much, try something with more proteins, so that you can beef up your muscle tissue a bit. That's a healthy way to gain some weight. Just my $0.02 Best regards Meerkat  (Oct 16, 2007 | post #10)

Celexa and alcohol

Reminds me of the joke where Pygmee, a Dutchman, a Frenchman and a Scot are having a drink together. Each get to have a fly landing in their beverage of choice. The Dutchman picks out the fly and stoically continues drinking. The pygmee, delightedly remarks: "Extra protein!" eats the fly and washes it down with his drink. The Frenchman disgustedly tips his glas on the floor and orders a new one. The Scot, on the other hand grabs the fly and in a fit of obvious rage yells: "Give it back!!! Give it Back, I tell ya!!!".  (Sep 18, 2007 | post #79)

Celexa and alcohol

Nope, Bangalee, I drank neat 'Sailor Jerry' spiced rum from my favorite Victorian vintage 'Strychnine-tumble r'. (I have set with Arsenic, Cyanide, Prussic-Acid, It cuts down on having to constantly run (or stagger as the case may be.) to the bathroom to deal with the Coca-Cola runoff. In any case, that's behind me now. Funny thing is that I did not get into the traditional alcoholic's antics and that giving it up alltogether did not, and does not, bother me in any way, shape or form. Oh well, maybe I'm just in denial, but so far so good, I guess. The only thing I miss are the raunchy tattoo pictures on the back of the labels though. I managed to establish a fairly sizable collection of those, which I wistfully contemplate on occasion. LOL! Meerkat  (Sep 17, 2007 | post #77)

Celexa and alcohol

Het Blue, That's what I noticed as well. I don't do drugs though, but for the alcohol part it definitely is exactly like that. Also it seems like Celexa increases the desire to drink (and to excess, I might add) and so I have decided to abstain totally and have no alcohol at home. I used to be a very moderate drinker, but when I caught myself downing 2 liters of Rum in three days, I thought it better to call it quits in that department. Also, alcohol in and of itself is a strong depressant and essentially offsets the effects of the meds, which is another reason to be very careful. I don't like being depressed and I don't like the meds side effects either, but becoming a habitual drunk, combined with being depressed as well as having the meds side-effects is absolutely the pits. It feels like pleasantly tickling yourself in the belly, while mercilessly bopping yourself in the noggin' with a ballpeen hammer.  (Sep 14, 2007 | post #75)

celexa and diet pills

Hi Sharron, No matter how herbal they are, any diet pill that causes your 'output' to be increased, sped-up or otherwise affect your metabolism will adversely impact your serotonin levels, the levels of your SSRI and with that the efficacy of your medication. Besides that, being herbal does not nescessarily mean that those diet-solutions are better or less adversely impacting than allopathic medications. Often they are not, since the content of their active ingredients are less often and far less stringent subject to sufficient oversight and monitoring of side-effects. Please be careful. Best Regards, Meerkat  (Sep 10, 2007 | post #16)