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Feb 24, 2009

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Email Address Debacle: Did Hillary Do Something Wrong?

The problem is people want to believe that there is nothing wrong with their candidate no matter what. Apparently emails being deleted is normal, which would be the case if she wasn't in Department of State. There is no transparency. The Dep of State is still refusing to give documents to Sen Gowdy for Benghazi, which happened 3 years ago and right before elections. No liberal really cared as long as their Democrat got into office. That's all they want, they don't care what is going on. They take Obama's and Clinton's word as gold. They live their lives with their heads in the sand. Isis is still a viable threat and Obama stands before you and says America is doing great. Clinton still has issues with her foundation and where the money came from, the democrats don't care, regardless if she broke the law or dabbled with foreign companies while with the State department. Because we all know that that isn't a conflict of interest. Let the democrats fall after their leader. When she finally runs off that proverbial cliff, maybe the her followers will follow her over. If you're going to reply to this, you better know what the hell you're talking about  (Jun 10, 2015 | post #1695)

Pompano Beach, FL

Defending Marriage Part 2

Points for Christians: How can we live by a Book we call our way of life and try to live marriage differently? Doesn't the Bible show us the correct way to marry and how it should be portrayed? How can any Christian view the attack of marriage today as being anything Godly? How can one say it's ok, and see a completely unfounded basis of marriage? The Bible is INFALLIBLE, it doesn't change with the times. This what we live by, not changing it to fit our ways. Either abide by it or find something that you consider more to your liking. Points for others: To justify the Bible is being old, is getting old. Just because the masses do not understand the Bible, doesn't make it right to take something that is Biblical and use it for as their own. It is not theirs to take. People need to be able to voice their opinions without feeling like they will be judged for their words. If people have different opinions, it's normal, not hatred. If I don't agree with you, I am not a bigot. Why must I tolerate a lifestyle that is being thrown in my face? Why can't they tolerate my opinion or my rights to free speech? Why do they try to take the covenant between man, woman and God; and make it something else entirely, without God? Why can't they understand, we have two different definitions of marriage and they cant have ours? Why can't they live their life without affecting the nation? Where will it end? When? Maybe people should see it as a basic attack on Christianity. After all, we have lost so many grounds in other aspects in this country. The sad thing is people are being swayed by the views on marriage. This is a basic right to life. Marriage is a privilege. It is not for everyone to just freely participate in. There might be similar characteristics, but it doesn't make it the same. We, the Christians should not just lay aside. Our basic rights and our privileges are being taken away. Another one is on the verge of being swept under the rug. The definition might not matter to you, but it does to me and I will defend it dearly.  (Mar 28, 2013 | post #1)

Pompano Beach, FL

Defending Marriage Part 1

So it begins again. Another opportunity for people to define what a marriage is. This flawed and misguided chance to take something that is profound, and turn it into something it's not. To take core principles out of matrimony and still call it marriage boggles the mind. Let us look at a view issues that keep arising and why this battle never dies. Bigotry and Hatred Apparently, people who do not have a choice to have their own opinions.We cannot oppose select groups of people. If our views are different than theirs, we are called bigots who hate them. Yet, we should be allowed to disagree. We have the same rights to speak freely, just like them. But when we do, it becomes a one way street. Where we are told that we are not tolerating their lifestyle. Toleration We are taught that people are different. That we will have different views and opinions from other people. We won't always see eye to eye. We need to accept that there will be differences. I agree. But this does not mean that if people decide to live differently than me or any other person, that I must condone their lifestyle. That I have to accept it as being ok. I don't. That is my choice. I don't voice my opinion out in the open that I oppose their lifestyle. That my opinion differs than what they want to hear. It becomes difficult when select groups of people feel they are entitled to rights that other people do not get. They become a special interest case. The activist side do not live their lives quietly. They ram it down our throats, forcing us to accept them. And when we don't, they object and start with the attacks of hatred. That we are not tolerant of their choices. Why can't they be tolerant of our opinions or our choice of Christianity as our way we choose to live? Why is this only a one way street? For Better or Worse Today's image of marriage isn't what it used to be. Vows actually mattered. They weren't just words said once and forgotten after the wedding day. The divorce rate is ridiculously high and with no end in sight. It is unfortunate that this covenant is broken and abused. People live together before they get married, then they finally get married, then they eventually figure out it won't work. People think they have redefined what marriage is. What marriage is supposed to be isn't the issue, it's the people. It is a user problem. Justification that many marriages are broken, doesn't change the definition of marriage. When people do not live by the laws of marriage, then there will be failure. If people feel they have the right to marry because of other people's failure, they are wrong. They want twist the definition of marriage, which is not their right.The laws were not defined by man, but by God. Biblical Speaking Somewhere, people and Christians have become misguided with marriage, what marriage is and what it entails. Yes, we are fallible to sin, but we can still try to strive to make it the best we can. Not calling it quits when it gets tough, not taking the easy way out. Many marriage have ended in divorce, and not for the Biblical principles that are aligned by Paul. Many fail to live by the standards set. Many choose to break the laws and are often picking of pieces and trying to start over. How does one start freshly again when he or she had a failed relationship and refuses to learn from their mistakes. The covenant of marriage is not just between man and woman, but also with God. This is a promise that is made, and is not taken lightly.  (Mar 28, 2013 | post #1)

Pompano Beach, FL

Speeding Sun Sentinel Response

This is in no way my way of justifying speeding. But there does exist problems within certain citiies, where the spped limit drastically changes and is 10 if not more miles per hour differences on the same stretch of road. There is a difference of using "we care for our children" and being greedy and using that same slogan to lower the speed in certain areas, where it makes it a speed trap. Sure there are schools but thats what school zones are made for, for certain times of the day when kids are normally present. I'm not talking about a residential neighborhood on small streets, I'm talking about heavily populated roads where every day traffic exists. I think its time for cities who feel they have the exclusive rights to effective change speed limits so that the benefit is solely the purpose to create money, start to look beyond their city limits. And do whats right, not sit behind "our children first". Which obviously has become a slogan used more than ever to justify everything that is for the "greater good"  (Feb 11, 2011 | post #1)

Pompano Beach, FL

Religion in America? Sun sentinel response

To the naive writer of the intrusion of religion in American Politics. People tend to think anyone who works for the government or plays any role in politics must check their religion at the door. Whatever our beliefs or morals are must be thrown out as we vote for our officials? Really? I'm sure the the person we are, the beliefs we have, our religion is who we are. It's a way of life, it cant just be turned on and off. And we seek those people who live by the same means, not turning off their faith when they reach Capital Hill. Prayer is more than just something to do. Its a way to communicate with God. It's part of the relationship, it is needed. Its the most important thing after having faith. And I can assure you it get us everywhere we need to be. Amen to that.  (Feb 11, 2011 | post #1)

Pompano Beach, FL

Sun sentinel remarks about Abortion

A woman's "right" I like how the author just asks rhetorical questions, because he never answers anything, and simply tries to justify it by trying to discredit Cal Thomas. Teh questions are answered, all you need to do is read the Constitution and see the estimated numbers of unborn children dieing every day. I can only guess that the writer is uneducated on religion or morals. Because the "right of privacy" which isnt even in the constitution, is one of the basis of Roe v Wade's unfortunate victory. Because Roe v Wade still exists, In no way should an unwanted child, be at the expense of the taxpayers. Unless from the accountability of rape or health reasons, the woman is the one who wants to be rid of a child, who by definition of only the courts, says that because its inside the womb its not in fact human. (dont kid yourselves here). But lets talk about health reasons, health reason would be plausible only if the woman would be harmed with physical damages or if she would die giving birth. Those are the only reasons to which health should be defined for abortion. The abortion law was obviously a bad decision, since that ruling many new laws have been added, making it tougher to get an abortion. Life is not a matter of privacy.  (Feb 11, 2011 | post #1)

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sun seintel reply: Legallizing Pot

Its quite sad when a criminal justice professor among other students who feel that legallizing pot would be a good thing. But it doesn`t create a utopia by making it legal. There are still many problems. Prices are not cheaper, mainly because of the fact they are illegal. If it became a legal market, it would be cheaper because it would be flooded with this stuff. Its not something that needs to be corrected. Its illegal, regardless if people are going away for the crime. It creates a slippery slope, just because that particular crime goes up doesnt mean it should be acceptable, try that theory with robbery or rape. (fat chance) Its justifying the means which is never the answer. Allocating energy and forces somewhere else sounds good, but still violent crime STILL exists in drugs, from cocaine to meth to heroie. If cartels and criminal orgizations see marijuana go legal, just watch how bad the drug war will get with one less drug in their arsenal. They move unto something else where money can be made. Supply and demand. Demand will go down making it harder to make a profit, therefore changing direction. And theres no such thing as safe use of illegal drugs (even if made legal) Its a bad and risky `experiment` by the professor`s words for legallizing.  (Jan 22, 2011 | post #1)

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sun sentinel reply: Religious Hatred

How does one assume something without any involvment in what they think they know? Words taken out of context can justify anyones point of view. So excuse me, for the people who dont live by their faith and offer their opinion about my religion. Where exactly do you see hatred in the words of the Jews and Christians? If you would actually READ what is written and not pick and choose the words, you might actually learn something.  (Jan 22, 2011 | post #1)

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sun sentinel reply: Repeal Healthcare

Funny how liberal like to attack Jojn Boehner these days, esp. over health care repeal. The writer mentions new jobs, and CBO. When in fact it was the CBO who said that the original cost of the healthcare bill would be triple of that cost, and that was last year. The cost of healthcare will certainly rise for those who have it. Jobs are not a certainty, kind of like the president`s stimulus packages that produces `1000s` of jobs. where are they at? I really wish incompetant people would keep their opinions to themselves  (Jan 22, 2011 | post #1)

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Innverrary joke.....really?

I loved reading about traffic problems recently where a man complained about trafic signal masts peeling away that lowered the homes property value decrease. Wow! Are you freaking serious? You will blame anything that affects you? Yet you cant see past your nose for anything else going wrong in the same area around Inverarry. Metal DOES rust. And sure it would need to be repainted, its NOT a national emergency, and its not necc. disgusting.  (Jan 22, 2011 | post #1)

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sun sentinel reply: Watch out for Pedestrians

For arguement sake. This is a rebuttal to Watch out for pedestrians. The letter writer wants people to know the laws pertaining to pedestrians who states that pedestrians always has the right away. Well she is quite wrong. Her kind of thinking like many others like her is the reason why so mnay pedestrians die every year. I would tell her and many who think the same thing to look at Florida Statute 316.130. Starting with section 1, then 2,7,8, and 10 where it states that pedestrians YIELD to traffic if not at a designated crosswalk. So I would tell anyone who feels obligated to go against the grain of the law that is sually ignored. Pedestrians watch out of the vehicles when they have the right of way  (Jan 22, 2011 | post #1)

Pompano Beach, FL


I wrote this without the spirit airlines strike going on. Which to me is still ridiculous. This is about union teachers, and other people of the public services during an economic downward spiral. I find it odd how selected groups of individuals feel that they are owed more. I talk about unions. Unions that are hemorrhaging this country. Unions that feel it necessary to receive more money for its workers. Unions that feel that they, above other workers should get an increase in pay for the same work. Unions who go to arbitrators when they dont get their way. Union workers who are given back their jobs after they had been fired or terminated for their inability to do their jobs. Or even more recent union members given back their jobs because the charges against them have been reduced, yet they plead no contest. The current budgets that have already have been cut and putting financial strands on the counties, are being bullied by the unions that cry for more money, when in fact there are many more who are worse off than those who have to union jobs. Why cant they be grateful for the job that they do have? I can assure you that there are many who would take their jobs and do it and not ask for a raise.  (Jul 6, 2010 | post #1)

Pompano Beach, FL

Immigration Law

With every law comes its pros and cons. The immigration law in Arizona is no different. Unfortunately with the high levels of illegal immigrants committing violent crime, and the current White House administration who has the heads so far up a place I will not say, Arizona went ahead and did it their way. For better and for worse. Yet the pros overwhelmingly outweigh the cons. This will be only the tip of the iceberg, since Texas and New Mexico also share similar scenarios and similar stories to that of Arizona. The law itself is not the problem, it is the err of human being doing the actual work. It comes down to police discretion, which in itself has its problems everywhere. A few bad instances results in the entire operation fallible. Yes I agree there will be racial profiling. Which is the basis of the law being 'wrong'. Unfortunately it does target Mexicans and Latinos because of the problems we are having at the border of our country. The law was intentionally designed as it was, so that this would not be the problem. The entire nation will be watching AZ's movement and seeing how the law is implemented. What the law does outweighs that single controversial problem, which lies within human err. Immigrants that are here legally should not be disgusted about this, but stand for this. If they how to be processed here legally, why not the rest that come in? Should they just be allowed in without any verification. One of the worst arguments presented is the fact that everyone in this country is in fact from a lineage of immigrants. But those immigrants, even those from Staten Island, were in fact registered and given citizenship in this country. This law was a foreseeable bill. This requirement of proof of identification and/or citizenship should have already been done post 9-11. No one over the age of 18, should be without a state ID or a immigration visa/green card. If the status is in review or waiting for approval then one should carry the papers with them. Yes there are a few loopholes to this, but still this is a better start than no approach at all. If the man in DC would get off of his glorified ego and come back from socializing America, we might have forestalled this AZ bill. But then again, Obama would have made an Immigration Czar, who would have no credentials to run the program. This isn't about limiting our freedom, this is about protecting our rights as citizens of this country. Believe it or not, our country is at war within our own borders. This year alone has shown this to us. Yet the people turn a blind eye to what is going on. And yet many do not care or even notice, because it is not in front of their face. But when the day comes that something must be done to stop these reoccurring problems in our nation, they are the first ones that show up and say that their rights are being infringed on, or its not 'right'. Our freedom isnt always free, and what we are giving up isn't freedom at all. It just makes us take a little time out of our life so we can do our duty to the nation: by stating on a piece of plastic that we are here in this country as an American.  (Jul 6, 2010 | post #1)

Pompano Beach, FL

Prayer in schools

The Re to prayer, the writer, believes that prayer belongs in the home, and in church, but not in school? Do we merely turn off who we are during a school week or at work? Are we to become someone else during those hours in the public realm? the writer says its an exploitation, to whom? Who do we harm if we pray? it is our right to have free speech, freedom of religion, and a right to pray. Just because you dont like it doesnt mean that our belief or actions of said belief should be shunned away and dismissed. Christians are said to have to tolerate actions and beliefs of others, yet when we want to pray in a public place or voice our opinion, your tolerance is lacking.  (Jul 6, 2010 | post #1)

Pompano Beach, FL

Dont ask dont tell is not an infringement of Free Speech

I dont know where the letter writer gets the idea that "dont ask dont tell" is a matter of the freedom of speech. As in the matter of homosexuality is more than just stating ones opinion, or saying something, it is in fact a lifestyle. You have a right to say or live as you choose, but that doesnt mean that the country must bend over backwards to promote your lifestyle. Your first amendment rights are not being violated, as so much as someone who has a different opinion than those who live such lifestyles. Who are called bigots and haters, when we just want to express our view.  (Jul 6, 2010 | post #1)

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