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Dec 22, 2009

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Cell Phones

Residents rush to buy, learn how to use hands-free cell p...

Nothing is perfect. For the safety, you need always keep your eyes on the road condition. It is stupid to think that hands free can will guarantee safer travelling.  (Jan 26, 2010 | post #20)

Cell Phones

Low-income Virginians can get free cell service

While every coin has two sides. Wait and see!  (Jan 26, 2010 | post #2)

Cell Phones

Google negotiating ways to keep presence in China

I do believe China needs Google and Gooogle also nees the huge market of China. This is a really mutual benefit!  (Jan 26, 2010 | post #1)

Cell Phones

Post Tech: More screen time for youth

Well, this is really a big issue. i do believe this is not a piece of good news. The world see more shortsighted youths. Maybe the eyeglasses manufactor will smile a little, but when they look at their own kid, things will be different. The youth are the hope of future! How can the world provide a more safer and healthier living enviroment?  (Jan 21, 2010 | post #1)

Business News

China Powering Ahead With Nuclear Energy Despite Risks: V...

If every country on the wholesale world can take the responsibility of protecting our earth, then the world will be more comfortalbe and safe to live. Love earth, love our home!  (Jan 21, 2010 | post #3)

Cell Phones

Phone Companies Speed Haiti Text Donations

All the world should unit to help Haiti. This is not the diaster of the only country but of the human being. The nature is punishing us. So we have the responsibility to help each other.  (Jan 20, 2010 | post #16)

Cell Phones

Can technology heal the world?

If technology can heal the world, why we are punished by the nature. I deeply feel that we must pay for the harm we do to the crying earth.  (Jan 20, 2010 | post #2)

Cell Phones

Verizon Wireless has new tower to boost cell phone servic...

Yes, a really good news to phone users. enjoying clearer call is better experience. For those who want to replace the old out-of-date cell phone, please give a glace at http://www.chinazr bile-phones-c-130. html and she will not let anyone down.  (Jan 18, 2010 | post #4)

Cell Phones

Calls for Haiti donations via text message spread through...

Yes, there are kinds of way to do a little thing for the vitimes. Nature is punishing human being. we should also shoulder this responsibility. For anyone who do not have a phone to send message, get one from http://www.chinazr bile-phones-c-130. html  (Jan 15, 2010 | post #1)

Cell Phones

Talking could be passe on cellphones

Yes, the power of technology is always beyond our imagination. Well, the mission of technology is to serve people. Everything is developing, the only difference lies in level and degree. Want to enjoy more advanced mobile phones with competitivly wholesale price, give a glance at http://www.chinazr bile-phones-c-130. html and you will be satisfied.  (Jan 15, 2010 | post #1)

Cell Phones

28 percent of crashes tied to cell phone use

Really bad news but true reality. The modern technology make it possibler for people to do their business in their car even while driving their cars. Bluetooth mobile phones do bring more convenience and safety to car driving but carefullnesss is a must especially for the drivers who are enjoying keeping up with their business with an advanced bluetooth cell phone while driving. after all, life is the priority!  (Jan 14, 2010 | post #7)

Cell Phones

Saving A Buck: Cell Phones For Kids

Ye, a cell phone seems to be a must to all people of all ages, races, sexs. This is really due to its convenience and entertainment it ensure to us. But i still think that kids should use cell phones designed specially for their age use. all the society should work together to protect the kids and probide them a safe and harmonious enviornment.  (Jan 13, 2010 | post #8)

Cell Phones

Parents advised to set limits on phones

Well, we can not only blame the risk only to mobile phone. Actually, even though there were no mobile phones, there are other accesses to the risk. I do believe that, to fully solve the problem, education and social envionment must play the most the most important role.  (Jan 12, 2010 | post #5)

Cell Phones

Nokia talks up business in the developing world

Great strategy. Developing counties owns the most potential makert. In my humble opinion, if Nokia designs more affordable cell phones to meet the taste of the potential market, the future is promising.  (Jan 11, 2010 | post #1)