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Sep 21, 2009

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Marion, NC

NC group reports Bigfoot sighting over the weekend northw...

Sigh ...  (Monday Aug 7 | post #2)

Charleston, WV

But that's in the Old Testament bla bla bla

Wouldn't a more accurate description of yourself be "agnostic " if this is your stance?  (Saturday Jul 22 | post #30)

Burnsville, NC

hospice doctor Jeff Polgar

To the OP I'm sorry you had such a difficult time in getting hospice for your loved one. The requirement that you have to have a prognosis of 6 months or less has been in place since hospices began taking Medicare. It's really difficult to predict that timeline and one of the most difficult diseases is that of COPD. It usually is a disease that has exacerbations and periods of recovery treated with antibiotics and steroids until there is an exacerbation in which they do not recover. To RNLife: Euthanasia is far from what hospice does. Only the amount of medication to relieve suffering is given. That is a myth that is out there and why some won't choose hospice care. There probably is no amount of convincing I can do to change your or others minds about this. That being said, how would that make any sense as a business model? Hospices are paid on a daily basis and to speed that process up would not make much sense.  (Jul 11, 2017 | post #16)

Harlan, KY

push mower

That sonofbitch is a regular Eli Whitney on a lawn mower. And loves French fries.  (May 28, 2017 | post #5)

Marion, NC

Meth heads

What medication are you referring to?  (Apr 19, 2017 | post #19)

Marion, NC

Sharing a home

too" much  (Jan 30, 2017 | post #12)

Marion, NC

The hottie with a yellow lifted jeep!

Last I heard he was back as a latex salesman  (Jan 9, 2017 | post #6)

Marion, NC

Vandals tear down courthouse manger scene!

You forgot the most condescending line ... you'll pray for them.  (Dec 26, 2016 | post #10)

Marion, NC

Taylor Williams @ Subway

True. They are tied in that they both exist in the US and are both on the same Topix server ... other than that the argument starts to fall apart.  (Oct 29, 2016 | post #9)

Marion, NC

Taylor Williams @ Subway

I bet she wouldn't even be able to post in the correct city either!  (Oct 28, 2016 | post #4)

Oak Island, NC

Alligator spotted on Oak Island beach

I'm here now and drove to the end of 67th to show a friend with me but the boardwalk had posted signs on it. Was bummed. I wondered if he was still there.  (Sep 13, 2016 | post #28)

Marion, NC

Empty Lot

Their parking lot  (Sep 1, 2016 | post #3)

Marion, NC

Marion Lowes

Nobody has mentioned gay people in this thread Jon ...  (Aug 6, 2016 | post #12)

Oak Island, NC

Turtle eggs are better than chicken eggs, sweeter tasting

Only trolls eat turtle eggs  (Jul 15, 2016 | post #4)

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