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Jul 21, 2014

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Jackson, MS

Jackson and Surrounding Area Neighborhoods

I'm back to answer my own question in case anyone out there is wondering the same thing. I have now been in Jackson for a couple of months now. While there aren't any neighborhoods around with the eclectic feel of say, Austin, TX or maybe St. Louis as someone here suggested, that doesn't mean that the area doesn't have its own charm. For example the Fondren area is being revitalized with art galleries and great restaurants. It's an older neighborhood and they're keeping the original vibe but updating it and playing upon the original feel. The houses in the area might need a bit of remodeling but you get hardwood floors, large windows, and usually a sizeable lot with mature trees. The Belhaven area is similar when it comes to homes. The area just south of Ridgeland, the Northeast Jackson area, is also a nice choice and some older homes can be found, depending of your definition of older. I bought a house built in 1950 in this area and love it. Canton, a city just north of Jackson holds some beautiful treasures worthy of bed and breakfast use. Overall, for anyone moving to the area and looking for safe areas to live in it is best to stick to either stick to the smaller surrounding suburbs of Jackson, especially those to the North and East. Other than Fondren And Belhaven it is generally best to stay East of I-55 and North of I-20. There are websites out there that show crime rate broken down by neighborhood. Those sites are useful.  (Dec 8, 2014 | post #3)

Jackson, MS

Jackson and Surrounding Area Neighborhoods

Can anyone please help me out with information on neighborhoods in the Jackson area and surrounding towns? Any information on local flavor, vibe, etc. will be greatly appreciated. I am looking at moving to the Jackson area from West Texas (I have family in Newton and others in Natchez). While I can find houses I like on real estate websites and can Google Street View the houses and get an idea of what the streets or neighborhoods look like, it is difficult to get an idea of the overall feel of the neighborhoods without actually being there in them. Being 12-13 hours away makes it difficult to spend time just riding around and I¬íve only been through Jackson but never to it. So, for example, are there neighborhoods with an artsy, eclectic feel? Are some more historic with older homes? Of course safety is a priority. Any information will be helpful. Thank you for your time and help.  (Jul 21, 2014 | post #1)