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Jul 4, 2007

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Ford Expedition

99 exped electrical problem when it rains

We have been having what was minor electrical issues after it rains. But last night the wierdest one ever happened. We heard our car trying to start by itself. So we unhooked the battery and went to bed. Then in the am we hooked it back up and it is still doing it. The other things it has been doing are wierd, but not major. The radio would cut in and out and the headlight does not work. Sometimes the air would turn on after the car was off. But all these problems seem to go away after everything dries out. This new problem is not. Any help would be great!! Thank you. Also we do not have an owners manual... would anybody that has a 99 Ford Expedition 4.6L be able to send a copy of the fuse layout. I am thinking this might be something we would need to fix this problem! Thanks e mail is [email protected]  (Jul 4, 2007 | post #1)