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Mar 15, 2007

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Good mood


The Middle of Nowhere....


The edge of Nowhere......

Local Favorites:

HOME, man we have fun here!!!

I Belong To:

My family

When I'm Not on Topix:

Hanging out with kids..working..)..Cursing HBO for the cancellation of Deadwood.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

Sometimes, they might surprise you. They do me!!

I'm Listening To:

Crazy metal music, and more

Read This Book:

Any Dean Koontz book

Favorite Things:

My husband and kids, Titanic, reading, music, Deadwood

On My Mind:

Getting through winter, Titanic, I am a dork for this ship.

Blog / Website / Homepage:

Thinking about it!? Maybe!!!!

I Believe In:

The Almighty, my family, and being true to them and myself.