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Dec 31, 2012

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I had SEX with my Mother In Law who is 60 and I am a 28yr...

She does not want to talk about it! she says before she could talk to God, now is can not cause she is too ashamed! =(  (Jan 2, 2013 | post #2)

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I had SEX with my Mother In Law who is 60 and I am a 28yr...

My MIL had never shown any signs of lesbianism. In fact, she is so religious that I would have never thought this could happen. She had asked me plenty of times to sleep over since her 85yr old husband is in the hospital. My fiancée came to pick us up at the hospital and she insisted that I should sleep over because my fiancée was going to work overnight, so I would not sleep alone. So I did come to her house. After a long conversation and many beers we went to bed. I asked if I could sleep naked, she agreed. She took off her clothes too. I asked if she could hug me, she did. We were so drunk that it did not take long till she started eating my pussy as if there was no tomorrow. She licked every part of it including my asswhole. She repeatedly said that I had the most beautiful pussy ever. She played with my breast and kissed me with so much passion. I was reluctant to eating her out but I did to return the favor. She enjoyed it very much. The next day, we woke up next to each other naked. I did not want her to regret anything that happened. So I acted as if everything that happened was normal. I asked to hug me and told her if I could take a shower. I went into the shower and came right out clean. I did not put any clothes on and went to the kitchen where she was brewing coffee. She kept saying how wrong this was. I hugged her and put her hands in my pussy. She started fingering it again and caressing all of my body. She ate it again and kept saying that it was beautiful. Soon after I told her I had to go to work. It was snowing outside and she asked me to stay. I did not want to go. But my fiancée was going to call soon. When he did, I went into the room and lied to him that she had gone to work. While in the room, she came again and starting to play more. At one point I did had to get dressed and leave. When I had all my clothes on, we were in the living room, I knew she wanted more of my juices, I used the doggie style to seduce her again, and I pull down my pants and got on the couch with my jacket on. She immediately went and ate it all over again. She kept saying how wrong this was, but how beautiful my pussy and I was. I couldn’t walk after this because my lips were completely swollen from the night before, she did not lick them; she sucked them. I knew I was not going to be able to have sex with my fiancée for a while. When I got home from work, I pretended I was tired and went to bed. I slept with my panties and put on a sanitary pad to pretend I had my period. He came and started touching me and I said I couldn’t because I was "sick" he understood. Next day early in the morning he wanted to have sex. I usually never give him a blow job; this time I felt the necessity to do it. I made him come and he was happy. I really wanted him inside me but my lips were still swollen and in pain. I spoke to my MIL but she does not want to talk about it, she acts as if nothing happened. I would really like to touch the subject and know what she is thinking. I love my fiancée but I have had different secret encounters with other people, but honestly, I never thought of having sex with his mother. I know I am being selfish and mean, but I could never leave him, he means the world to me, but having these experiences are great also. Am I EVIL? =( I am sure that to many I am, but what happens to his mom, is she Evil too?!  (Dec 31, 2012 | post #1)