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Feb 28, 2012

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Youtube 'Stabilise' Function Demo - It's REALLY Good

I'd heard Youtube had added a Stabilise option to it's video editing section but didn't think it would compete with the filters I use in standard video editing software ... but I gave it a go ... and it's actuall BETTER and much, much quicker. I chose to try it on the most demanding of videos, an onboard Kart video. They are very stiffly sprung and the track was very bumpy. The source video was almost unwatchable. Anywway here is the demo video which shows side-by-side, one after the other and 'transparent' merge of the before and after video. .com/watch?v=vSlpi hTQI08 I have since found out that the reason it's so good is that Google bought 'Green Parrot Pictures' last year who developed professional enhancement filters, including a very good stabiliser. Maxx  (Feb 29, 2012 | post #1)