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Mar 15, 2011

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BOC feedback

Good to see you're still about, and safe and sound BoC. Would be good if you are able to sort out the occasional small order but understand if not. Hope to hear from you soon if so!  (Sep 20, 2013 | post #334)

The best benzo

PMd you...  (Sep 28, 2012 | post #83)

BOC feedback

Thumbs up from me. Nice to see your name BoC. ;)  (Jun 21, 2012 | post #81)

2cb up for grabs

Will be back in this thread on payday!  (Oct 21, 2011 | post #132)

PQ's Back.....

Sent mail on 25th but not heard back? Should I email again?  (Jul 29, 2011 | post #45)

Phenazepam and Etizolam

I experienced that with relatively short-term occasional use. Now it's just a rare treat but I do find it quite recreational.  (Jul 6, 2011 | post #18)

who's legit for co-codamol?

DHC is a bit different to codeine really. DHC is less noddy IME. Depends on what you like really.  (Jul 3, 2011 | post #13)

who's legit for co-codamol?

Yeah they certainly do the job! I thought with the continuous release DHC it was almost impossible to get past the release mechanism, crushed or not? Not tried, just what I've read.  (Jul 3, 2011 | post #12)