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Oct 22, 2013

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Current Romania's behavior is a case of the worst possibl...

Did you ever hear the like?! Current Romania's authorities claim $23,000,000 compensation from their EU partners ( nergy/romania-asks -compensation-aban do-news-530002 ) for the abandoned Nabucco pipeline which has become a priority for Bucharest because it would contribute to the diversification of energy supplies for Romania. To all seeming Romanians prefer to think of only own energy security. But what about other EU partners, eh? Our Shah Deniz consortium has offered the whole Europe more effective (in difficult conditions of current crisis!) energy project, namely the Trans-Adriatic Pipelene Project, which will really reduce our dependence on Russia. But Romania did not wish to put own money into it at all and that is why we've refused to bring Azeri gas through Romanian territory! In my eyes it will be much better for us to push the EU to compensate Romanians the demanded sum of money, sinking interests of these adventurers once and for all! They do not prefer to behave like the EU members. Then let them go to blazes!  (Oct 22, 2013 | post #1)