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Aug 23, 2009

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Jimmie Johnson

Preseason Thunder at Daytona January 12-14, 2012: Johnson...

Did anybody go to Preseason Thunder? I met Jimmie for the third time. Finally got a picture with him, not that I expected that. I just wanted to make sure I got a picture so I told him I didn't have any from the previous events, well except one but I knew I had to be quick. The one my dad took last year was only of Jimmie's hands on the table signing the side panel from my wheelchair. It's sooo blurry. He said "absolutely, " got up from his chair, came around, posed for the photo and gave me a hug. Some might say he posed for the picture because I'm in the chair but a bunch of people said I was the only person he said yes to and said there were other disabled people he said no to, I was the lucky one but that he seemed to really want to take the photo. Didn't seem like he said yes because he felt sorry for me and apparently he was happy to do it. then he gave me a hug and moved the line along. Just thought I'd share! Natalie  (Jan 15, 2012 | post #1)

Jimmie Johnson

Divorce Rumor

It's been awhile since I saw this and I have some sort of Jimmie radar that I can spot his picture even on the smallest scale, but anyway, the day before what was it, Pocono where JJ and Kurt Busch nearly came to blows? Well, I was in Walmart with my sister and she said I was all pale. Said I saw something on the cover of a tabloid that was just a rumor, had to be. I couldn't reach it from my wheelchair and my sister was too distracted with her baby, but the cover said Jimmie, Jeff Gordon, and Juan Pablo Montoya were getting divorced! I haven't been able to find anything else about it, but my mom mentioned it the next day and again this week and said that that would explain sweet Jimmie's attitude lately. He seems pissed off and more reckless than ever. My mom doesn't have a favorite driver but she knows I like Jimmie and she said maybe he's not doing as good not for lack of talent, but so as to keep from making as much money and so as not to pay Chandra more. I've been looking into this for a month and haven't found anything and I keep thinking it's got to be a rumor, because she is at most of the races and she was at the White House. All I know is that Jimmie seems to have been able to handle everything anybody's thrown at him and now he's losing his cool. I think he could win a sixth cup, but something isn't right and I'm not sure it's his crew changes. Any thoughts? Natalie  (Sep 12, 2011 | post #1)

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi fans survey

1. What's ur name? Natalie 2. How old are you? 30 3. What is your gender? F 4. Are u married? No 5. Which country you come from? USA 6. When do u start suffer from from bon jovi addiction? While I rember stuff from before then, not until 1988 when I was nine 7. How u get that addiction? They played Bad Medicine 20 times a day between the radio stations I listened to in the Washington, DC area and by the time my 10th birthday rolled around I got New Jersey and I was a goner. 8. Who u like the most among bon jovi band member and why? Richie; his guitar playing moves me in ways I can't explain. He's not flashy, but his emotions comes thru every time he strums. Borrowed that from Who Dares Wins, but to add to it, Richie's playing is the only guitar playing that makes me cry, not to mention weak in the knees which is funny when you think about it. 9. Favourite bon jovi album and why?(please dont say u like it all, just choose one. New Jersey because that was my first and has the song that made me want to try to play the guitar. 10. Which of BJ album u not really into it? Why?(It's okay if the answer is none of them) While I do like This Left Feels Right, I think again I have to kind of agree with Who Dares Wins (we're friends, what can I tell you?) why mess with a good thing? It isn't the same and I gotta tell you when the boys do Bed of Roses that way as they have in Tampa the last two tours, it's like the only disappointment I have going to the show. 11. Suggested makeover for the band member for the upcoming album.(what style of fashion or hairstyle...) Grow out your hair... especially Richie... and bring back the mustache and the facial hair...again I'm sorry Who Dares Wins, it's like we're reading each other's minds! Come on Richie, Jon regressed back to Destination Anywhere for awhile. A lot of us like your These Days look. We want it Back! 12. What do you usually say or respond when people say bon jovi is old and not rock anymore? I say everyone is entitled to their own opinion but they have no right to tell me what I can and can't like. Besides, most of the people who say that probably haven't even listened to Bon Jovi and really can't honestly form a true opinion. 13. Which recent new singer you wish bon jovi to collaborate with? Maybe Chris Daughtry (again, sorry WDW, it's like were in the same house instead of more than a thousand miles apart) but really I'd rather Jon and Richie write everything  (Aug 23, 2009 | post #13)