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Mar 13, 2008

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2008 Presidential Election

T-Shirts Comparing Obama to Curious George May Earn a Law...

These shirts are wildly offensive. Who would walk around wearing something like this? Disgusting.  (May 18, 2008 | post #288)

Salem, WI

Train horn quiet zone nears

We need this in Silver Lake, WI badly!  (May 18, 2008 | post #35)


US veterans sue over 'poor care'

They should! This GOP-lead administration always loves to military and their hardware, but doesn't want to pay for them when they can no longer serve. It's disgusting, especially coming from Bush & Cheney who both skirted military duty.  (Apr 23, 2008 | post #670)

2008 Presidential Election

Clinton wins Pennsylvania Democratic primary, NBC News pr...

Good for her, but she's still behind in the popular vote, pledged delegates and # of states won. She is NOT going to win the nomination. That being said, there's always the chance of a miracle so I don't blame her for staying in the race like she has. As long as she keeps things out of the gutter (which is hard for her) it's not bad for the democratic party.  (Apr 23, 2008 | post #426)

US News

Bush: U.S. economy not in recession, in slowdown

He is the only moron that still thinks we're not in a recession. Remember, this is the same guy who wouldn't admit global warming was real until a few months ago.  (Apr 23, 2008 | post #416)

Science / Technology

Stephen Hawking: Alien life is out there, but it will be ...

I wonder what all of the religious zeolots and freaks will say about this?  (Apr 23, 2008 | post #290)


Big Unit strikes out 7 in D-Backs loss

He's still got it.  (Apr 16, 2008 | post #3)


Chargers LB Stephen Cooper suspended 4 games

I think we're going to see more and more of this now that the NFL will be paying a little more attention.  (Apr 16, 2008 | post #6)


Man Dies From Shea Stadium Escalator Fall

Very sad. God bless him and his family.  (Apr 16, 2008 | post #8)

Science / Technology

Drug giant Merck accused of deaths cover-up

...well, the FDA certainly wasn't going to provide any oversight.  (Apr 16, 2008 | post #121)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Biggest Gas-Guzzling Autos Named

More and more SUV hybrids are going to be coming out eventually. That is just the way the market seems to want to go.  (Apr 16, 2008 | post #4)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

China 'now top carbon polluter'

When is the world going to start putting pressure on them about all of the "dirty" things they are doing?  (Apr 16, 2008 | post #295)

Fort Worth, TX

Polygamist sect gets millions from U.S. government

They should not be eligible for public aid.  (Apr 16, 2008 | post #622)

US News

Pope To Tackle George Bush Over Iraq

Good for the Pope. Although, Bush still won't listen.  (Apr 16, 2008 | post #271)


Bush: 'I Don't View Olympics As Political Event'

If it's not a "politcal event" why did some boycott in 1936 when Nazi Germany held the games, why did the we boycott the Moscow games in 1980 and they boycott our L.A. games in 1984? What a moron!  (Apr 13, 2008 | post #1)