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Nov 1, 2011

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Legit weed sellers are ...

Trade I'm not one of the normal idiots you go back and forth with, I've always been respectful towards yourself so expect the same in return. Calling me a idiot is a bit of a blanket statement considering you don't know me or me you. Any sellers I have mentioned have active threads on a public forum so don't see what the problem is. You saying it's ok to call scam but not legit? I haven't linked any threads or gave any emails out. Just named a couple names that mean nothing on their own. If you left the thread it would probably faded away but you just brought it to the top.If you had a issue why not pm me? Swim because swim doesn't have anything to gain unlike the names that mean nothing that I mentioned. I am a ltm and I've been scammed a couple of times during my time here, maybe this could prevent same happening to newbies. Could of remained grey and posted I'd off done that it was fcuk sellers. Either way thread doesn't benefit me in the slightest... Everything cool? Peace all  (Dec 7, 2013 | post #3)

Legit weed sellers are ...

Right here is a list of weed sellers swim has ordered from successfully. I take no responsibility and remember any seller can go scam at any time. Search for the threads and please don't pm me for email addresses or anything else James Hash Percy's Cannabis club ie KalpsizT Swim has heard good things about the following but never dealt personally Laetika Black Bob  (Dec 7, 2013 | post #1)

*** Green2Go UK mail order weed ***

Pm'ed you dude  (Dec 6, 2013 | post #231)

Cannabis effects and thought patterns

I don't think Cannabis causes any mental health issue but brings them out if your prone to them. Cannabis certainly has a relationship with anxiety, depression ect. I certainly viewed the world differently after first smoking as a young en. I'm surprised at how many people still smoke despite the way it effects them. Thought it was just me...  (Dec 6, 2013 | post #24)

Cannabis effects and thought patterns

I agree with the smoking too young having a long term negative effect. I also believe you need to have a certain mental strength to be able to use positively. It's one of those things that isn't for everybody. If someone has a negative experience the first time smoking then chances are they are going to relate cannabis to that effect and make a mental link to this negative. So in reality even before smoking they have already assured a negative experience. For me the only way to break that cycle was to smoke through it. I have also found when ever I have stopped smoking for more than a couple of months when I've started again it has had a totally different effect. To the guy who only smoked a few drags... Have you ever smoked a large amount a couple of hours after a couple of tokes? I do this when I'm going to smoke a lot socially and it seems to help me keep keep a mental clarity and hold a conversation.  (Dec 6, 2013 | post #21)

Cannabis effects and thought patterns

To a certain extent I agree with you mate, Any substance used as an escape from real life shlt is going to cause issues in the long run... Way I see cannabis is a plant that has been used medicinally for thousands of years, only now is modern science catching on to this fact. personally for me it's helping me get through a rough batch by helping me see the bigger picture so it's more of a tool for recovery than an escape. I recently went to docs for not sleeping and feeling shlt. In there 10 minutes max and he offered me a script for anti depressants and downers. Now what's more damaging chemicals that alter your brain chemicals and highly addictive opiates or a humble herb? In my opinion the only thing stopping the NHS offering cannabis derived medicines is pressure from multi national pharmaceutical companies who will loose billions in revenue. Capitalism at its best... Peace  (Dec 5, 2013 | post #9)

Is james hash still around?

Haha if your wrong you could of been right so you still right even if you wrong.. offence being the first line of defence and all... Like it Anyway are you saying J H is this khan guy or this khan guy is pretending to be J H? As far as I'm aware the real JH does face to face so don't think it would be good for business or possibly his health if he was a selective scammer. I was one of the first to buy some Thai from him when he first came here about a year ago, just funded his pay pal for another order. got no doubt I'll receive some tasty buds in a day or two like I have numerous other times from him. Peace  (Dec 4, 2013 | post #56)

Cannabis effects and thought patterns

Have just smoked a fat lemon haze J... not going to sleep anytime soon :) so thought I'd post this for my fellow stoners I used to get paranoid when I smoked remember having my first bong of soap bar round a friends house when I was 13 and thinking everyone was out to get me and talking about me. as horrible as it was I still smoked every chance I got... Used to save my school dinner money to buy a fiver draw of soap hash and a bottle of white lightning on a weekend lol anyway... I now find green especially the first high of the day sends me on thought patterns of which I have no control. I used to hate this but have now grown to love it. I think it's sort of like my sub conscious showing me things about myself I shut out in daily life sort of like therapy funny thing about theses racing thoughts is when life is good these thoughts tend to be sort of negative but in a positive way as in it makes me feel guilty about little thing I have done and said to people. Sort of like a empathy. But when life isn't so great it distracts me from the negatives. Just gone through a separation I'm smoking more than usual and find the mind wandering not only a good distraction from the shlt I'm going through in real life but while high I seem to get a clarity that allows me to put things into perspective. Any way I think weed provides you with a mental correction if you try and fight it it will mess you up, but if you go with it and listen to what it's showing you it will provide some clear insights and healing... Haha talk some serious business when blazed  (Dec 4, 2013 | post #1)

Simply the Best - James Hash

Just picked my cheese order up from the post office , good quality crystal covered buds. Can't wait to role a phat one... JH is a pleasure ! Peace  (Nov 26, 2013 | post #95)

cannibasclub feedback

received my cod from op no issues. The kush I received was a nice mellow high, descent quality night time smoke, major creeper took 5 minutes to feel full effects and left me with a warm fuzzy feeling.  (Nov 25, 2013 | post #7)

Percys UK mid grade HasH + HerB

ordered a couple of times from percy… is a no nonsense vendor, send money receive exactly what you paid for in one to two days… Simples  (Nov 25, 2013 | post #11)

suicide - best ways

Tupac also said... I smoke a blunt to take the pain out. If I wasnt High I'd proberly try to blow my brains out  (Nov 24, 2013 | post #47)

Pineapple kush, blueberry and purple kush

Cannabis club was kind enough to offer me 2g of the purp Kush on COD. Landed today looks even better than it did in the pics, cured perfectly, bang on weight and well packaged. Op is a real nice guy, great comms and honest. Went out of his way to get order to me today. Can't wait to smoke some Indica . Spot on mate thanks again Peace  (Nov 22, 2013 | post #51)

percys feedback thread

second order received from percy.. bang on weight and well packaged… great stuff buddy  (Nov 22, 2013 | post #26)

cannabis concentrates interest

waxworks a question I have had for a while you may be able to help me with… Is it possible to extract cannabis into propylene glycol as in the nicotine liquids? id love to be able to add some to my vaporizer  (Nov 21, 2013 | post #35)