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Jan 5, 2014

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Donegal, PA

Cindy Brown ODs day she gets outa jail

This is sad , Cindy brown goes away for 2yrs from getting caught with dope and as soon as she gets out of a Pittsburgh halfway house she cops dope goes home and ODs ,she served her time then timed out. Alot of people and parents want to blame the drug dealer but honesty it's the user cuz if the local dope man was gone these Kids will go to Pittsburgh, NJ where ever to get it.,if there wasn't users there wouldn't be dealers.Plus its other users whos talking new ppl into trying drugs not Dealers talking ppl into it. She should have wanted Some family time more b4 falling back into old ways. R.i.p Cindy we love n miss u  (Jan 5, 2014 | post #1)