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Jun 7, 2011

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French Lick, IN

Cook's Steve Ferguson wants better route to French Lick a...

Allow me to tell you my experience while employed at French Lick as a dealer. About six months after starting I almost stroked out on the floor and was diagnosed with severe hypertension and anxiety. I was placed and medication and it messed with me and took the doctor several attempts at adjusting it to get it right. During this time frame I had made a comment on my Facebook page that I was not feeling well one night after working 1-11pm and I had volunteered to work additionally at the hotel two days later and I was gonna tell them went I went in the next day to find someone else I needed the rest and could not work 14 hour days. I went in the next day and Dale Nachriener pulled me out of the smoke shack and began chewing may ass for making a comment. Found out another employee had seen the comment took it and ran with it to Dales little hit witch Robin who then caused at least one person I know of their job. Then retaliated against me by assigning me to hand shuffled games and black jack mostly blackjack for over 3o days straight. I had to have surgery on my wrist for a second time after previously having a cyst removed two months earlier. I filed complaints with everyone, nothing was done...Labor board ask any employees that call what is going on there, who do they think they are...but do nothing because of Bill Cook. Since when do managers put their hands on employees...what the hell they think they running old style vegas crap....I filed complaint with EEOC and was given a right to sue letter...but lawyers got scared of Bill Cook I guess and would not sue and such.. I know of several lawsuits filed against this place by former employees. No they do not want local people working there. Nachreiner brought people from outside when he fired the ones who stood their ground against him...Why do the same people seem to win all the drawings and such each and every time....not the only employee treated like shit as damn glad we left that damn joint....  (Jun 7, 2011 | post #30)