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Feb 12, 2011

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Morrisville, NC

CPS Complaint

Thank you for the reply. We are Caucasian but do have our son's African American friend living with us. I have sent our story to an attorney.  (Mar 23, 2011 | post #3)

Morrisville, NC

CPS Complaint

On Feb 13th, 2011 Approximately 15 children from the neighborhood were holding a supervised community game of soccer in a closed subdivision. There were 3 to 5 adults supervising this game at all times. The children were from a minimum of 8 families in the neighborhood including a school teacher from the elementary school. At aprox 3pm a neighbor came to our property asking the children their ages. names and where they live. We've had no interaction with this neighbor other than yelling at him to stop at the stop sign and slow down while he speeds through the neighborhood. He knocked on our door and I answered as I was tending to our daughter who had fallen and scraped her leg. He started yelling at me that he was going to call CPS and have all of the children taken away. That some child rode a bike across the street and they had to slow down around the corner. I told him NOT to threaten our family and to get off my property. I was calling the police and he said he was calling CPS as he left he property. An officer came out, saw the children playing and said they were doing nothing wrong. She stated how she wished all communities were like this and that this was how children SHOULD be spending their time. She spoke to him and told him to leave us and the children alone. On Feb 15th, 2011 A CPS worker came to the house. She said she had a complaint our children were randomly playing in the street and riding bikes in the street. We explained the situation to her and how this occurred. She did not meet with all of the children because they were in school. I insisted she not disrupt the children at school because they were adjusting after our relocation from Chicago. That same evening we discovered that he had also called on our neighbors as well. Without any information about our households, the number of children, the sexes, the family last name, nothing. On Feb 16th at 4pm a new worker came to the house to see the children. She spoke to all of the children and asked what happened. She went on about how she had an incident where children were playing basketball, slowed down and the children moved away. As she proceeded her car was hit with the basketball. She had to stop, get out of the car, find out which child hit her car and where they lived. She explained how that was exactly the same as this incidenthe'she did not understand that it was a completely different situation. On Feb 22nd, she was back at the house for a "well check" on the kids. This visit lasted aprox 15 mins. March 1st she visited our neighbors. March 8th, a visit was made to the house. The worker filled out a form in which she asked us questions about the number of children we had, the number of adults, the past history of our child hoods. She stated that we had a high risk of abuse in our house because we have more than 3 children, have a special needs child, and I was previously married in an abusive marriage. That means CPS will need to stay involved in our family after the 45 day period. We expressed that we did nothing wrong and are not charged with anything yet we are being treated as if we had. She stated it was based on data they collected in NC with families in the system. She would present the findings to her case manager. March 16th our neighbor shared she received a letter stating they were not charged with negligence or abuse and they would have no further involvement with CPS. March 17th a phone call was placed stating that we need to have a house visit. She scheduled the visit for 4pm, which was a bad time, my husband would be at work at that time frame. He called her back to have it moved until Monday as he is off that day. She insisted she had to see us weekly and it HAD to be that day to see us. She rescheduled for 11:30, when all of the children will be in school. She insisted she has to see us weekly. Now they claim they are still doing their assessment with their 45 days up next week.  (Mar 19, 2011 | post #1)