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Jan 30, 2013

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Syria's allies condemn attack by Israel

the world is frustrated and the possibility of a 3rd world war is no history anymore! all these weapons made over century have to be used on human and i think we are reaching a point in time where "death does not mean a thing" if one has to prove his point! America backed by israel and the uk want to show the world that they are in control while iran, urss, andchina wnants to bring to the world's attention that America has fallen! this is an interesting era and i cant wait to see where these conflicts will end! as for Africa, we are also watching impatiently!  (Jan 31, 2013 | post #1)

Tutsi and Hutu and history

People are born free of "corruption " "hostility " intelligence and whatever you can name! and they learn to be "polite" "honest" "creative " etc...what do i mean by that? 100 of years ago only europeens were considered civilised and intelligents! today even Chinese people are considered the most intelligents people! why? the tutsi the tutsi people are intelligents because of the privileges they are given in Africa! the west needed to instill their legacy "divide to rule" and so started their division in Africa, from a nation, to a clan then to tribes! all the african countries were divided into small groups and within those groups small tribes and clans. but to give power to the tutsi, only one group is known as the "tutsi" and there are no divisions amongst them. coming to the hutu, we look at many small groups and tribes and clan and that is the "weakness " but history has proven that "no man can rule over another man" as kingdoms have destroyed kingdoms and powerfull nations have fallen over decades! i think the tutsi are making a big mistake as if you can recall history, there were number of great nations that were feared among humaniyy, Hitler era for instence! All we need in Africa is to unite the whole continent, destroy tribalism and restore the spirit of "Afrca" as a nation. do not underestimate people and remember that there is "time for everything" and its about time to restore the spirit of ubuntu and togetherness and fight the divider and oppressor! tutsi or hutu, who cares? in DRC this thing of tutsi and hutu is being imposed!!!? we are not like that! we are all Congolese and the tutsi and hutu saga is not for us!  (Jan 31, 2013 | post #2)

Congo-Kinshasa: Hutu Rebels Intensify Attacks on Civilians

these people have nowhere to go! what do people expect from them? i mean if you don't convince Kagame to integrate these rebels who once were in power in Rwanda then you are making a big mistake! they are trying to survive and anything that can help them achieve just that they will not hesitate! that include terorising the population in the villages to get some provisions! the problem to tuccle is not the FDLR as a group but to give them a chance to return to their country without fearing their lives in the hands of Paul kagame.  (Jan 30, 2013 | post #7)