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Freddie Fox: I could fall for a man

Another closet-case easing his way out. How many years did it take for Elton John . . . 20? You know who you are . . . accept it and save us all the drama.  (Jan 19, 2015 | post #15)


Cashier tells lesbian couple 'all gay people should die a...

Eugene must be a lonely 12-year-old loser who doesn't fair well in a social environment. So he hides behind his PC and after trolling around here and other places, looks at porn the rest of the night. He'll probably end up in prison by the time he's 25. Sometimes it's so obvious who going to end-up being a burden on society. Soak it up Eugene . . . these are the good times.  (Jan 13, 2015 | post #27)


US Pride cover edits out gay plot

Hey whiny ass Americans . . . what is the point? Hey Topix . . . . when are you going to fix your glitchy ass site?  (Jan 5, 2015 | post #7)


US Pride cover edits out gay plot

Hey . . . whiny ass Americans . . . what is the point?  (Jan 5, 2015 | post #6)


Kid Rock Not Looking Forward To Marrying Gay Couples, But...

Who cares what some talentless rapper thinks? I mean REALLY . . . this is newsworthy?  (Jan 4, 2015 | post #53)


Bill would allow Hoosiers to refuse gay weddings

You people totally deserve each other. Here's an article about a discriminatory law that is about to be passed in a state in the USA . . . a pretty serious matter worthy of every Indiana voter's attention. Instead of an intelligent discussion or debate, you're all calling each other names and talking about each other's wives and . . . . really people . . . you are PATHETIC. You whining, small-minded children deserve everything that your government does to diminish what few 'freedoms' you have left. So keep fighting, hating and discriminating while your state and your country go down the toilet. That seems to be what you do best.  (Jan 4, 2015 | post #22)


Some Florida Counties Halt All Courthouse Marriages as Ga...

If a Florida clerk so much as looks at you funny, you should say: "Shut up and do your job." Then smile.  (Jan 3, 2015 | post #17)


Gay couple's brilliant response to homophobic attack at C...

Why are straight (hetero) bigots the most insecure creatures on earth? I've never see a more scared, introverted, nervous group of losers. And they seem to really like it here. So the only conclusion can be that they are obsessed with gay sex, but repulsed by their own urges. A very sad and wasted species indeed.  (Dec 28, 2014 | post #19)


Religious freedom bill coming to Indiana

I thought Indiana was north of the Mason-Dixon Line . . .  (Dec 27, 2014 | post #12)


Ishikawa hopes to become Japan's only openly gay member o...

Are Americans genetically designed to hate each other? It's amazing to me how much Americans (especially straight insecure ones) go out of their way to be involved in something they hate. Too bad y'all can't just enjoy life.  (Dec 13, 2014 | post #14)


Ariz. Anchor Challenges 'Hatemonger' Pastor on Antigay Views

Whether it's on TV or right here in the comments sections - The crazies are using their craziness to get attention. It's too bad that we live in a society that listens to the loudest voices instead of the sensible ones.  (Dec 8, 2014 | post #14)


Brent Corrigan Talks New Movie, Porn and the Importance o... forces you to watch a video before reading any of their posts? What a great way to keep readers . . . AWAY- including myself. What's wrong with you guys?  (Dec 6, 2014 | post #7)


Pastor calls for killing gays to end AIDS

Why are heterosexuals more interested in gay subject matter than gay people? Not that I give a shit . . . it just seems that they are always promoting the very things that are against their own best interests. You know . . . like poor, stupid republicans.  (Dec 5, 2014 | post #70)


Barilla goes from worst to first on gay rights

I guess the boycott worked. I certainly haven't bought any of their pasta since this all began. No surprise that money is more powerful than bigotry.  (Nov 20, 2014 | post #1)

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