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May 13, 2010

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Anyone had any rust problems with their 04-05 Ford F-150 in the right rear quarter panel? Mine started rusting through this time last year and I was informed by Ford that it was on a service notice sent out to all owners of said vehicles. Only problem was the Customer Service Rep. on the Ford Service phone line couldn't find my name as the owner of my truck. The lady said it was registered under someone else's name and that was the reason I never got the notice from Ford Motor Co. They claim that was the fault of my dealer ( Tri-County Ford) in Buckner, Ky. I have been fighting with the dealer and the company to no avail. Each one blaming the other, when I'm the one with the problem no one wants to fix. Still I haven't given up, having found another man in Carrollton that owns the same exact vehicle I do except a different color and he also has this problem and received the same response from his dealer as I did. Most of my entire family own Ford vehicles, mainly because my father, a retiree of Ford, believed in the Ford product and convinced many others to switch. Many of these same relatives are waiting to see what the out come of this is and it will way on their future decisions to buy another Ford . What I'm wondering is, How many more of you out there are having this same issue?  (May 17, 2010 | post #1)