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Jun 23, 2009

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New York, NY

Charles Rangel and challenger Michel Faulkner

New York is turning into a one party system. A one party system is prime for corruption and New Yorkers need to look into it and redirect. What surprises me is that dispite all the allegations against Congressman Rangel, he managed to win the Primary. I think it could be because many people did not go to the pole and those who did were part of the same crowd that continues to elect the Congressman. The U.S. has a constitution and it is the land of opportunity. We can't turn into a Cuban political system and not pay attention when one persons and one party assumes a for life political office. No politician should be so powerful that they manage in office for life. We may as well give up democracy.  (Oct 15, 2010 | post #1)

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Green job scam, a warning for HERS/RESNET Energy Rater tr...

Steve, I’m confident that you’re a member of the Board of Directors of RESNET. Do you think that the DOE, EPA or any elected official will publicly defend the legitimacy of the arrangement within RESNET when all the truth comes out? - Is it not true that every Board member and Ethics committee member own or operate an Energy Rater Provider business and/or Energy Rater business? - Do you think it is ok that RESNET should regulate the businesses that its board members own and operate? - Where within RESNET is the “third-party verification of the energy performance of homes that earn the ENERGY STAR label” that US Environmental Protection Agency requires? RESNET may not be responsive to voters, but there are elected officials with whom this arrangement will not sit well. The public has a right to demand accountability and get results. For government officials to hand over an entire section of the economy to RESNET stands against everything that this country is about. It does not promote trust and it’s misappropriations of taxpayer money. It’s a shame that just as we are struggling against mass fraud that caused our financial system to collapse, we are creating another one. Just as “scammed be RESNET” asks, I would not mind a list of names of all the Energy Raters that your business and the businesses own by other businessmen at RESNET have certified. I intend to raise awareness so the American taxpayer can look into RESNET’s energy efficiency and energy rating business arrangement. If you really want to promote energy efficiency, I ask you to join me in putting an end to this monopoly.  (Jun 25, 2009 | post #7)