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Mar 7, 2014

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]Parental Alienation is nothing more than Vindictive and Toxic Period! The Courts and Law Guardians are bias period in favor of the mother! The courts and law guardians rely on the mothers lies that have already poisoned the innocent child trapped by the emotional black mail.The child is an emotional hostage at the mercy of the same mother that vowed to put her child's needs before their own.Adults that Relationships don't last for whatever reason tend to forget that their is a child that should be the priority.A woman that cannot accept that a relationship is over has only one thing left the innocent child, a bitter woman uses that innocent child as a weapon as a tool to Control and Manipulate the father.These mothers have no filters and tend to project all of their anger and hate through the innocent child trapped with no help what so ever.Instead of getting the help the mother needs to deal w her emotions, she will do everything she can to poison the innocent child's relationship w their father, by crying no one loves me you are all i have your dad is a piece of shit he left us he doesn't care about you so on a so forth all the while guilting the innocent child to not show any emotion other than hate for abandonment towards their father.Mothers like this make it their mission to secure the innocent child's loyalty, one that is accomplished alternatives to visitation and the innocent child's Social Life supper seed the visitation w the father. The innocent child is allowed to choose sleep overs movies and going to the mall over court ordered visitation w the father. Parental Alienation is all about Control and brainwashing the innocent child to punish and make the father suffer. Emotional Blackmail by a bitter mother that will stop at nothing to destroy the relationship w the father. I have delt w a Bitter Woman that took her child to the police department had the child tell the police that her dad was harassing her by Court Ordered phone calls twice a week to his own child. The police advised the father if he continued to call his child that he would be arrested for harassment. Its selfish and self destructive to the child that will grow up being lied too. the courts and the blind law guardians that never loose any sleep at night that continue to enable parental alienation are crippling these children for the rest of their lives. Father never Truly get the credit they deserve for bending over back wards to maintain a relationship w their child. To the Mother that i know that did alienated the innocent child from the father shame on you i know you could care less because the only person that ever mattered was you and your own toxic needs. You got what u wanted unfortunately you have managed to cripple your child for life by erasing a father that truly did love his child. Rest assured that what you put him through pails in comparison to what you have raised in that child. Fathers that are alienated are left w nothing. The only thing left is to Mourn the death of the relationship of your child that was stripped away by a bitter mother. A father that has mourned what will never be and made peace what was taken from him. There are no winners w parental alienation just devastation and emotional trauma that last a lifetime. I am not targeting mothers over father either parent can alienate a child from the other. In my own life this is what i have seen happen to a wonderful father and man. As far as what happens to a child that has suffered through parental alienation at least in my case the child morphed into the mother w absolutely no desire to have a relationship w the father. Lost in the shuffle doomed to repeat the example that mother raised her with!  (Apr 10, 2014 | post #2)

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