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Apr 1, 2007

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Paris Hilton opens fourth handbag store in Philippines

While you are spouting your vile diarrhea in this forum over and over about people having ignorant mouths, you are so totally blinded by hate and outside of reality that you don't even recognize that mang tonyo didn't write most of what you are ranting about. I wrote it from the U.S., I'm not Filipino, and you have less intelligence than my colon that spews similar diarrhea from time to time but I can flush that without anybody having to see it. So YOU shut the f*ck up - you low-IQ, ignorant-mouthed, prejudiced, imbecile. Go stick a 1911 .45ACP down your own throat, squeeze one off, and do the civilized world a favor. You have made it clear that you are a sociopath far past being salvaged.  (Sep 21, 2011 | post #11)

Paris Hilton opens fourth handbag store in Philippines

I'm sure her handbags will be sold at New York City level prices to the wives and daughters of Manila's crooked politicians, Filipino TV and movie stars, and Manny P's mother and wife. Mrs. Marcos will certainly buy a couple dozen with money from her Swiss bank accounts that supposedly don't exist. Could Paris possibly donate 10% of profits to feeding the poor, building infrastructure like reliable electricity in the province, or improving elementary school education with food programs, or books and materials? Nahhhh... that would be too menial and below her. Remember, she's an heiress and movie star... at least among porn viewers.  (Aug 19, 2011 | post #2)

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