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Dec 28, 2012

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Looking for a serious submissive lady

I'm looking for a lady who has submissive side and willing to make a serious long term Dominant/submissiv e relationship, one is ready to give herself completely to please. I would like her to show me that she is really appreciate all the love, caring and happiness, etc. I give her. She would be special for me...I want to feel she is proud of me...and I want to be proud of her. we would be a loving pair in other's eye. Simple things as cleaning, cooking should not be a problem for her, rather like to do it and give her pleasure as I appreciate it. Beyond that I like to walks, cinemas, romantic places etc.. I believe that these all things can be included in LTR life style. I want her to say 'thank you' in the way I wish. I would like her to show me that she is really appreciate all the protection, happiness, etc. I give her. I will be her guide, teacher..someone very special for her, who she can trust without any limits and believe I can take care of her in the way she need. I have experience of 24/7 ownership. Each Master trains his girl in his special own way. I would like her to discover me to learn and behave as I wish. I want to build the relationship slowly but hard. cafe or dinner would be good step for a tart. After that if we get on well I would approach to you and we discover our self meeting regularly. Then..all will depend on messager marco709394  (Dec 28, 2012 | post #1)