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Dec 12, 2013

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US organization optimistic on Afghan elections

Americans do not actually need neither honest, nor transparent, nor fair elections in Afghanistan. As there has never been any need in Karzai, in order and in democracy there. Peace in Afghanistan lies far out the plans they got in Washington on region. The White House needs another amorphous banana muslim republic with as weak central power as it can be possible there, with dying economics and total absence of competitive energy sector in it. The plan is as clear as daylight: behind the rise of US political and military influence in Afghanistan will follow the rise of Americans' influence if the Gulf region on whole, what in turn will significantly increase Americans' chances not just to control energy resources but to pass it into the hands of Western corporations. That has already worked in Iraq, have worked in Libya... will work in Syria and will work in Afghanistan. Still believe in all those fairy tales about democracy promotion?? Just don't be so foolish indeed!  (Dec 12, 2013 | post #3)