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Dec 10, 2012

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Why all the hate between Samoan and Tonga??

Name me one famous Fijian playing in the Nfl????.....Jesse Sapolu won 5 Super Bowl rings for the San Francisco 49ers...Troy Polamalu whose playing for the Steelers was the number one selling jersey worldwide along with 3 Super Bowl rings....Jarred Hayne is not a star yet in the Nfl for ur information....Can 't compare Kali Meehan to David Tua in boxing an keep a look out for the rising boxer by the name of Joseph Parker whose climbing the ranks rapidly....I respect Jimmy Snuka but the Rock has more fans than any other wrestler alive from the past to the present an he's the most watched entertainer in sports plus he's a Hollywood Superstar known an loved worldwide in his movies an I'm sure you watched a few of his movies....We got more famous fighters in Mixed Martial Arts than any pacific island such as Mark hunt,,Ray Sefo an Mighty Mo to name a few....We got the famous Musashimaru that won the grand sumo tournament in Japan and not forgetting Konishki.... We got the famous known Rap hip hop pioneers Boo ya tribe along with Savage ....We got the laughing Samoans for clean comedy that's loved by many .....We have many great rugby players that played for the All blacks such as Michael Jones,, Joe Stanley,,Vaaiga Tuigamala,,Ma'a nonu,,Mils Muliaina has 100 test caps for the All blacks also along with Tana umaga Captained the All blacks an here's a bonus for you add Christian Cullen to the list the baddest player of his time n the list goes on along with Sonny Williams...Hey Fiji is the best when it comes to Sevens rugby I give you that but we dominate in 15's plus there's more fans watching 15's than 7's... Brian Lima set the record for the most World Cup appearances total of 5... When it comes to culture the world loves to witness the Samoan slap dance and not to brag but our fire knife dance is eye catching to the world alone....Our tattoo or Tatau or Pe'a puts Samoans as the Pride of the pacific an their is no art in the world that can compare to our Tattoo from the past to the present....So please my Fijian brother we Samoans are the face of Polynesian and we are the Pride of the Pacific.... God bless.... the most powerful Military in the world...You brag that Fijians are bad ass combats in Britain but sad to say that the Fiji rebels n Fiji government were at war an that was sad...An Indian controlled ur government so where's the people of Fiji?? Let me honest my brother I'm not bragging I'm just speaking the truth that we Samoans are the face and pride of the Pacific and you know it... ENOUGH SAID!!!!..... God bless....  (Nov 12, 2014 | post #927)

alagaupu fa"asamoa

Talofa Angelina I have replied to your question 30min after you posted it and they flagged me or reported saying that I'm using foul language....SMH My comment is on my account but not on the forum.....let me try once again...  (Oct 16, 2014 | post #404)

alagaupu fa"asamoa

Please let me know if you got my reply to your question... Thanks n God bless....  (Oct 16, 2014 | post #402)

The most FEROCIOUS WARRIOR! (Ancient Polynesia)

I would say one of the most feared Warrior of all time in Samoa is LEIATAUA from Manono the father of TAMAFAIGA....He alone defeated the TOA'S both from Savai'i and Upolu...The people wanted him to become King but he refused to he just wanted the FAMILY OF KINGS to leave them at peace...He ruled the sea with his fleets which was a GIFT from the Goddess NAFANUA.....The old fa'alupega of LE AIGA O LE TAI ( Manono/Apolima ) calls for Manono war boats n Manono itself to be VA'ATAU O NAFANUA... By the time LEIATAUA passed away his son who was to be LEIATAUA the second took over...He changed his name to TAMAFAIGA due to his cruelty he and his war party killed and murdered a lot of innocent people from Upolu to Savai'i striking fear into the hearts of thousands.....Peop le fled when they heard that TAMAFAIGA was in the area or districts....Not even the powerful families of the MALIETOA,,TUIATUA, ,TUIA'ANNA,,TAGALO A FUNEFEAI an LILOMAIAVA stood a chance...TAMAFAIGA wanted to rule an was crowned KING (Tafa'ifa ) of all Samoa a dream an goal since he was a youth...He was disappointed when his father refused to be KING an vowed that once his father passed away that he would Rule all of Samoa an eliminate anyone who would stand in his way.... Just wanted to share my personal opinion on the subject..... Thanks and God bless.... Love n respect to u all.... Manusopo44.....  (Oct 1, 2014 | post #127)

Calling out Samoan speakers

FYI brother not only NZ n OZ practices our Aganu'u or Fa'aSamoa...Mr. T is correct....There are a few Samoan churches in Cali where not just the language is taught but everything about our culture from our traditional dances to the kava ceremony n so on....Since ur wife is Mexican I grew up with a few and they strive to keep their language first before English an not just that but they too are strong catholic believers....So take ur time to ask around in which Samoan church does such practices of our traditions..... Soifua n God bless...  (Sep 18, 2014 | post #7)

alagaupu fa"asamoa

We Samoan have 2 different type or form of language... 1) BASIC CHAT----Everyday Samoan language that's mainly used at home and during a regular conversation.. 2) Gagana Fa'amatai...Langua ge of Orators mainly spoken among chiefs of every family.... Le gagana Fa'amatai is where Orators use ( ALAGAUPU ) in their unique speech's..ALAGAUPU 'S are important events that took place in the lives of Kings and Ali'i's and their families and more so things that occurred around our island of Samoa.... Here's an Example of this alagaupu,,, "O LE AMOUTA MA LE AMOTAI MA LE TOE ASO NAI MOAMOA".... AMOUTA,,AMOTAI,,MO AMOA are 3 important fields in the Aleipata district in Western Samoa...These fields hosted different events to see who was the most skilled individual in all Samoa...Their were hundreds of men competing but it all came down to the last two...They battled each other in AMOUTA and AMOTAI an both showed no weakness so the last battle was in MOAMOA to see who would take it all.....Finally the last man standing was the gentlemen by the name of Aitiogie who was the grandfather of the first MALIETOA the KING of Samoa... That's why Alagaupu's are important to our Samoan custom.....Its to remind us of our past and never to forget...... God bless and Soifua...  (Sep 16, 2014 | post #399)

alagaupu fa"asamoa

A lesson of history....The once powerful Salima family from Fagali'i has been banished and scattered now what remains of the family reside in Sapapali'i Savai'i as of today...The powerful Malietoa of the Tuamasaga district along with his brave warriors dismantled the hold of the Salima family due to the fact that the Salima family plotted to assassinate Malietoa upon his returning journey from neighboring islands..  (Sep 16, 2014 | post #398)

Calling out Samoan speakers

Talofa le Tamā matua malo le soifua maua ma le lagi mama i le na itu...Manaia lenei upega tafa'ilagi e a'oa'o lelei ai lou gagana ma nisi gasu tua' asoa mai lau Susuga se mataupu po'o se fesili tatou te fai manatu uma ai.....  (Sep 16, 2014 | post #3)

All Samoa Greats Vs All Tonga Greats

Christan Cullen's grandma is Samoan...  (Sep 3, 2014 | post #44)

alagaupu fa"asamoa

Talofa i le mamalu ma le au silasila mai itu fA a le lalolagi nei....Ia ua fai lava sina pisi i galuega ma tiute masani i aso ta'itasi ua ala ai ona le tali ma fa'asoa i mataupu matagofie ua folasia i lenei upega tafa'ilagi...Ae talitonu lava o lo'o pa'i atu le a'ao alofa a le tatou Pule Silisili ia tei outou uma...O le fesili po'o ua tali seisi le mataupu a le USO lea e fa'atatau i lagi sefulu lea e fa'aaogaina i maliu a le atunu'u??  (Aug 20, 2014 | post #396)

alagaupu fa"asamoa

Onosa'i bro that Tongan dude is dumb he's just making a fool out of himself....We all have pride but we don't need to see which race rules the a blessed week....  (Aug 4, 2014 | post #395)

alagaupu fa"asamoa

Mr.T i replied to ur question yesterday but my post is not showing....Don't know y....  (Jun 16, 2014 | post #392)